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Mount Villa Premieres Their Charming “Wish” Music Video

Mount Villa debuts their scenic and striking new “Wish” clip; a vivid and grand experience from director and cinematographer Sebastian Bjerregaard that goes far beyond the typical modern-day music video.



Mount Villa

If a song could be considered picturesque, then Mount Villa’s new single “Wish” would certainly fit the bill. The track was released at the end of January, and today sees the premiere of its official music video, a scenic and striking new clip that takes you to various on-site locations where Paulo Andruszkow, the man behind Mount Villa, is performing the song. It’s a pretty vivid and grand experience that goes far beyond the typical modern-day music video.

You see Andruszkow at dusk, in heavy fog, amongst the wilderness, and many other locations, which really adds majesty and grandeur to the song itself. The singer and songwriter, in collaboration with director and cinematographer Sebastian Bjerregaard, really went all out for this video, and it’s reminiscent of more classic, early-day music videos that weren’t so hung up on elaborate production and a certain ostentatiousness.

Discussing the song and its origins, Andruszkow shares:

“My first thoughts for my new single ‘Wish’ came up when I was on vacation in Sicily. The state where you dream about the future, figuring out what to do next.

“It also reflects the anxiety of your own success, and your individual position, while trying to balance things in your life.”

Andruszkow is a Copenhagen-based musician who has been involved in various musical projects over the years. From 2015 to 2017, he worked primarily on a DIY project he called Fuji Dream, with the single “Welcome to the Mind of Fuji” finding its way onto P3, Denmark’s equivalent to BBC Radio 1. He also released a debut album entitled Fifth Floor View via the small indie label Idiot Disc Records in 2015. Then from 2017 to 2019, he recalibrated his focus towards working on a small post-punk group called JUDEX. Andruszkow also found the opportunity to collaborate with producer Jens Søndergaard, aka Jens Benz, to record the Side Street Show full-length, collaborating with various musicians and friends.

Now, Andruszkow focuses squarely on Mount Villa, more a multimedia project than just a recording project that promises to have plenty more picturesque moments on the way.

Mount Villa “Wish” single artwork

Mount Villa “Wish” single artwork