Sadly, reggae is a genre often overlooked by the mainstream, so let’s try to atone for that today with the debut of Face Jackson’s brand new music video for “Big Mr. Reggae.” While not necessarily a fully-fledged reggae band themselves, Face Jackson has never been shy to try their hand at different sounds and styles, and that’s what they have done with this infectious new single.

The song is carried by a nice reggae vibe and beat, with a calm peace and love flow that’s very easy on the ears. The accompanying video is quite the adventure, with some splendid visuals that take you to many different locations, mixed with some performance shots from inside the club.

Discussing the motivations behind writing and recording the song, bassist and singer Joss de Villiers said:

“‘Big Mr. Reggae’ was kind of conceptualized by myself and (lead singer) Ric (Da Naya). We were just kind of like, ‘Hey, man, let’s make a reggae track’ and then we did. The song came together really quickly. In a matter of hours we had an intro, verse and chorus. I remember we both thought the chorus was so catchy we’d act out different accents acting as if it had hit the number one spot on the radio in various places around the world. Once the song was brought to the whole band, it was flashed out with a break and guitar solo and came to be what it is now.”

“Big Mr. Reggae” can be found on Face Jackson’s self-titled debut EP, released last September. They are a relatively new act, hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, though they interestingly first got up and running in Bangkok, Thailand. It was there that they started formulating an original sound and songwriting style. As the worst of the global pandemic passed by, the quartet decided to return to South Africa and focus on establishing themselves locally. Reggae is just one component of their sound, inspired by rock, hip-hop, and funk. They’re focused on stirring up a party-like atmosphere in their music and every show; they are truly memorable events, driven by fun and faithfulness to celebration and togetherness.

Face Jackson ‘Face Jackson’ EP album artwork
Face Jackson ‘Face Jackson’ EP album artwork