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Blueburst – “Vanish” [Song Review]

Drenched in lustrous guitars, Blueburst’s “Vanish” is at once dizzying and dynamic, with Craig Douglas Miller’s vocals adding stylish, euphoric touches.



Artwork for the single “Vanish” by Blueburst

Alt-rock artist Blueburst, the musical project of Craig Douglas Miller, releases the title track, “Vanish,” from his forthcoming debut album, slated to drop this Fall.

Now age 50, Miller’s band, The Reach, made waves in the music industry in the ’90s but never achieved success. Dormant for the next 20 years because of untreated clinical depression, writer’s block, and, according to Miller, “perhaps a few too many gin and tonics,” once he connected with guitarist Marty Willson-Piper, Miller returned to making music.

Miller says, “I wasted 20+ years doubting myself and not finishing any music. So it’s extremely gratifying to be back now with the best music I’ve ever made. And it’s been a joy doing it with one of my favorite guitarists of all time.”

Along with Willson-Piper (guitar), collaborators on the album include Michael Jerome (drums), Brian Platt (drums), and Ryan Kelly (bass).

Opening on gleaming, jangly guitars dripping with ’90s flavours, “Vanish” flows into a straight-forward alt-rock rhythm topped by hints of psychedelic textures, ebbing and rising on shimmering walls of sound. Miller’s rhinal vocals imbue the lyrics with Michael Stipe-like tones. As the harmonics shift, it descends into luxurious layers of soft, streaming surfaces, followed by ramping back up to a lysergic-laced outro.

Drenched in lustrous guitars, “Vanish” is at once dizzying and dynamic, with Miller’s vocals adding stylish, euphoric touches.



Run Time: 5:55
Release Date: March 10, 2023
Record Label: Independent