Fifteen-year-old multi-instrumentalist and alt-rock/pop-punk artist Kid Prexy dropsIn My Head,” the first single from his upcoming third EP, inspired by Machine Gun Kelly, Jxdn, and blink-182, and produced by Kevin “Thrasher” Gruft.

Originally from Baltimore, Kid Prexy grew up and lives in Edmond, Oklahoma. At the age of 13, he recorded his first EP, Broken Promises, followed by his lo-fi, acoustic EP, Lights in the Forest.

“In My Head” opens on an acoustic guitar topped by Kid Prexy’s musing vocals. Following a brief, drifting breakdown, the tune ramps up to heavy guitars pumping out delicious waves of thrumming pop-punk flavours, riding a thumping, pulsating rhythm with crisp percussion and a fat, reverberating bassline.

Kid Prexy’s smoke-laced tones imbue the lyrics with luscious, low-growling textures conveying the torment and thrill of romantic relationships. The animated video, hand drawn by Rob Fidel, perfectly translates Kid Prexy’s outlook.

“My heart is cold as ice, not when I look in your eyes / This is what love feels like.”

Kid Prexy has it going on! Surging with hefty guitars forming a contagious wall of sound, “In My Head” vibrates with heady pop-punk momentum.

Kid Prexy
Kid Prexy

Run Time: 2:59
Release Date: March 3, 2023
Record Label: Independent