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Album Review

Newport Electric – ‘Discord And Harmony’ [Album Review]

Newport Electric swings for the stars with album number three. Comprised of nine original tracks and a Beatles cover, ‘Discord And Harmony’ delivers a proficient collection of songs.



Pulling their name from when Bob Dylan got booed at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965, Newport Electric swings for the stars with album number three. Comprised of nine original tracks and a Beatles cover, Discord And Harmony builds on the band’s mission statement; “working hard to be your second favourite band.” Band members: John Couture (lead vocals, guitar), Dusty MacMillan (Bass, vocals), Adam Plante (Keyboards, vocals), Roger Osmond (Drums, vocals), and Steve Sinclair (lead guitar, vocals) deliver a proficient collection of songs that touch on multiple genres; folk, rock, blues, and country.

“Boom!” leads off the album, a mix of up-tempo rock ’n’ roll (with a dash of John Lee Hooker’s lyrics) that immediately suggests there’s more to Newport Electric than five friends jamming songs together for kicks. The song’s effect is the musical equivalent of running into an old friend – putting a smile on your face and a stride in your step, eager to hear what’s been going on since the last time you’d caught up. “More Than This” professes, “God damn, I miss Warren Zevon, A musician who could out-Dylan Dylan.” before morphing into a lamentation on loneliness and chasing fame.

John Couture’s vocals are both pleasant and confident, with just enough of a rumble present to lump his sound in with the mighty Springsteen and Brian Fallon. The song lengths increase progressively on Discord And Harmony, leading into the album closers “Nice and Slow” and “Mattagami River,” pushing the listener into some denser song craft showcasing some accenting keyboards and anthemic guitaring.

Almost half a year after supporting Brother Leeds at their record release party, the bands will flip spots for the Newport Electric Discord And Harmony record release party scheduled for Saturday, January 14th, at Aeolian Hall, London. Discord And Harmony will be available on vinyl, CD, and digital formats. Tickets are available at or If you can’t make it, fret not; Newport Electric plan on performing live dates throughout the coming year around the Highway 401 area.

Newport Electric

Discord And Harmony Track Listing:

1. Boom! 2:49
2. More Than This 2:59
3. Nobody Sings The Blues Anymore 2:59
4. Devil’s Bargain 3:03
5. Them Pretty Lights 4:03
6. Dear Prudence 3:45
7. I’m Alive 3:58
8. So It Goes 4:52
9. Nice and Slow 4:49
10. Mattagami River 5:25

Run Time: 38:42
Release Date: January 14, 2023
Record Label: Self-Released