It’s not necessarily something that’s given a lot of attention, but it takes a lot to get a band on track in terms of songwriting, chemistry and growing as a live unit. Slow Fiction have successfully jumped many of these hurdles on their way to today, premiering their new single, “In The Distance,” from their debut self-titled EP, due out on February 16th.

The song is indicative of the growth the band has experienced since coming together almost two years ago through the unlikeliest of circumstances. It’s a nice slice of ’90s and 2000s alt-rock, with a dash of indie, and undoubtedly, there’s a New York element to their sound, surely influenced by the unit’s decision to make Brooklyn their home upon forming.

Commenting on “In The Distance,” lead singer Julia Vassallo says:

“There’s an old saying ‘there are three sides to every story: your side, their side, and the truth.’ The goal was to have this song embody a three-edged sword. Sometimes, the lines of reality and perception become distorted. The title is a line from a poem titled ‘Imagining Defeat’ by David Berman, who is a great inspiration.”

The band’s debut EP is a product of slow and steady progress the quintet has made since they first gathered in New York City in March of 2021. Collectively, the members moved from New Jersey, Oregon, and Virginia after first making contact with each other through Craigslist and also through mutual friends.

Despite the unlikely nature of the band’s formation, they discovered that they had a lot of songwriting chemistry in those early months, playing lots of local shows and writing songs that resulted in the release of their first four singles last year. They decided to make Brooklyn home after an East Coast tour last year, and their recent months have been spent solidifying their sound. It’s all worked out quite well thus far, with Slow Fiction about to enter their most exciting phase yet when their EP is released next month.

Artwork for the single “In The Distance” by Slow Fiction