Straddling the fine line between sublime and ridiculous sits German techno/metal crew Electric Callboy, so, depending on your stance on whether those two genres should cross or not pretty much dictates whether or not the band or their new album, Tekkno, are going to be your cup of musical tea.

It’s likely that, for example, your staunch black metal fan is going to be cursing everything about this release and group, but for those of you who don’t take their music as seriously and occasionally like nothing better than a banging tune and a bit of a laugh, Tekkno, is the kind of recording that will set your Friday night (and any other night if we’re being honest) off with a bang.

Of course, the whole thing borders on the ridiculous, but if you’re totally confused as to whether you need to throw shapes or throwdown to the likes of “Pump It” and “We Got Moves,” then Electric Callboy have achieved their aim with this album as early as the first two tracks. A wonderful blend of Scooter-esque Euro-pop and pumping techno, and pit-friendly metalcore, these musicians can’t be accused of not knowing how to write a tune as Tekkno is full of them.

Switching between the brilliant to the absolutely nonsensical, the Germans team up with Conquer Divide for the utterly bonkers “Fuckboi,” a song that is literally so anthemic that EVERY pop-punk band wishes they could have written it. Elsewhere, “Tekkno Train” jerks between pulsating techno, energetic metalcore and lyrics that would make Steel Panther blush, while “Parasite” is just electro-laced moshcore packed to bursting with big pop melodies and even bigger mosh sections.

Given the shitshow of the last few years and, quite frankly, the next two, if the fuel, energy, food and health situation keeps careering out of control like it is, the world needs an injection of fun. So, to help us through these sorry times, maybe it’s time to at least put our musical differences aside and just enjoy some great tunes. There can’t be a much better time to start your party than right here because, on the evidence of Tekkno, there is no party like an Electric Callboy party!

Tekkno Track Listing:

1. Pump It
2. We Got the Moves
3. Fuckboi
4. Spaceman
5. Mindreader
6. Arrow of Love
7. Parasite
8. Tekkno Train
9. Hurrikan
10. Neon

Run Time: 30:31
Release Date: September 16, 2022
Record Label: Century Media Records


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