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Cambodian Twins Kelly & Kyle‘s New Video is a ‘Lovely’ Dose of Smoothed-Out Summer Funk

Cambodian-born duo Kelly & Kyle drop the video for their smoothed-out Summer funk single “Lovely”. Kick back and check it out here.



Cambodian-born twins Kelly & Kyle were raised just north of Seattle up in rugged Whidbey Island, WA, and have been playing music forever.

Educated, musically speaking, in the sounds of Stevie, Marley and Motown, along with a sprinkle of gospel gold from their pastor father’s church, a splash of grunge and a blast of psychedelia, the pair describe their sound as “a smoothed-out soul funk sound for a new generation.”

With that in mind, you could say that, with some hazy summer months still ahead of us, the release of their new video for “Lovely” is perfectly-timed.

The pair had this to say about “Lovely”:

“‘Lovely’ is what we all should keep being and doing! Amazing things have happened to us with this track, working and connecting with incredible people, into real studios and onto proper stages for the first time in our career.”

The track forms the title track of a new 3-track EP recorded during a recent jaunt to the legendary Sunset Sounds studio in Hollywood CA with producer Michael Binikos (Donna Summer, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West). So, with the track in your playlist, kick back, chill out and let the pair provide the soundtrack to your Summer.

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