A sight and a sound to behold. That’s how you might describe Hayden Calnin’s brand new music video for “Let’s Dance.” His latest single, which continues on a highly productive creative period for the Australian artist, is rousing, exhilarating, and empowering all at the same time, and the video feeds off of the song with its free-spiritedness and spontaneity.

A wondrous display, the video features Calnin’s sibling Daisy freely and liberally letting the music guide them, while they experience the beauty of the waves and the sand of a local beach as dusk begins to settle in. It’s a celebration of art, with music, dance, and natural beauty all working in unison to give shape to an experience to behold.

Commenting on the video and shooting it with Daisy, Calnin tells us:

“Ever since I’ve started releasing music, dancers have been moving to it. The video is a thank you to everyone who has connected with, felt and moved to my music in their own interpretation. My sibling Daisy felt such an obvious choice to be featured in the video as they have been moving to it for years. We’ve collaborated on performances together for as long as I can remember.

“We shot the video down at my local beach, the one which has inspired so much of the music I’ve put out into the world. We got extremely lucky on the day with the magical rainbow and sunset lingering around while we filmed the piece, it felt like nature was there with us on our side that day saying a big thank you too.”

The Melbourne-based Calnin has spent the last couple of years writing a lot of new music, with his most recent EP Something/Anything being released this past May. That followed up the fall 2021 release of his last full-length What It Means To Be Human, with both records showing a lot of growth in Calnin as an artist and a songwriter.

That growth goes far beyond just writing songs, as most of his recent material has been produced entirely by himself. In fact, Calnin has been increasingly recognized recently for his work as a producer, working alongside artists such as Didirri, Harrison Storm, Riley Pearce, Woodlock, and NYCK on their own respective albums. Calnin has firmly established himself as one of Australia’s brightest young singer-songwriters and producers, and he’s really just getting started.

Artwork for the single “Let’s Dance” by Hayden Calnin