GALASO’s (moniker of Jacob Galasso) newest release, “Around the Sun,” out July 19, effortlessly captures the essence of that carefree energy so emblematic of summer. Encapsulating the exhilarating feeling of new possibilities, GALASO explains that the track was “inspired by the feelings of young love, summer fun and not wanting to grow old.” With a driving synth-pop beat, there’s an undeniable sense of adventure as the character at hand locks eyes with another person at the party. “You cannot take your eyes off this girl/boy, and you know they feel the same way,” he explains.

Speaking to the idea of being present and simply attempting to have fun, there are no expectations behind this serendipitous exchange. “It could be the start of something special, but you don’t want to think about that. For now, you are simply concerned with having fun, dancing in the sun with a drink in hand, getting into trouble, etc.” As the two begin their relationship, the track’s message is one of lighthearted hedonism. “Can you listen closely? I’ve been feeling lonely, girl, and I’m looking for somebody to love,” GALASO sings. “The days keep on rolling. Let’s just live in the moment. Let’s just celebrate another year around the sun.”

When writing the track, GALASO says, “I really wanted to capture that feeling you get when summer has arrived, you’re young, crushing on a summer fling and don’t care about responsibilities or where things are headed.” Fully written and produced by GALASO, the Austin-based artist didn’t intend to create “Around the Sun” as a standalone track. Instead, the song serves as a precursor to more about this couple’s budding relationship, which will be revealed in GALASO’s debut EP Around the Sun. In this way, GALASO’s artistry is incredibly intentional, even in the choice of using the sun as a symbol for the cyclism of life. “There’s so much darkness in the world, I hope this song reminds people to have fun, be present and forget about the worries of the world for just a moment.”

GALASO is a new alt-pop artist out of Austin, Texas, blending styles of dance, R&B, psychedelic rock and house together to create an exciting sound. All music is written, arranged and produced by Jacob Galasso, dreaming up worlds from his home studio for listeners to dive into. A project driven by passion, GALASO aims to create art that is not bound by genre or style but merely focused on creating beautiful pieces that are powerful and moving for audiences.

GALASO’s debut EP, Around The Sun, showcases the capabilities of this new artist as he explores the depth of falling in love, inescapable loneliness, insecurities and the cyclical rotations we continuously fall into throughout our lives. This project is just the beginning of what will undoubtedly be an exciting career for a young, hungry artist driven by the desire to inspire and change the world through art.

Cover art for “Around the Sun” by GALASO