Living in this age of digital mayhem, it can be nice to go back in time a little bit. We love our smartphones and various other “smart devices,” but sometimes nothing feels better than a little bit of analog nostalgia, which is what Night Movies is offering up with their new music video for “Reaction Video.”

Audibly and visually, this feels like a bit of retro remorse, a throwback to a different time in music where synths, samples, and loud, bright, neon colours ruled the roost. Released last week, “Reaction Video” is off of Night Movies’ brand new record Dreamish, which will be released on August 5th via Soundmaker Records.

With a few words to offer on the new music video, the band says:

“Hello internet. Here’s our new single ‘Reaction Video,’ along with our video created by the Grain Freeze art studio (videos for Dinosaur Pile Up, Oasis, Kaiser Chiefs, etc.) and made in the style of our old crew ‘Straight 2 Video.’ A real analogue VHS visual mix to accompany the old school transformer distortion sound you hear from the guitars. You can also listen to our mix of this track in Dolby Atmos on Tidal and Apple.”

While it’s now a full-fledged, multi-dimensional band, Night Movies originated as an experimental bedroom pop project of Frederick Fuller (Kurtz, Bones UK, This be the Verse). These days, it’s an elaborate outfit featuring visiting members from the London music scene and beyond. Fuller now has a long list of collaborators, with contributing members that include Lyndsey Lupe (Arrows of Love), Anna Papadimitriou (Hawxx), Ian M. Hale, Liam Lever (LTNT), Chris Prendergast (Big Pink, Alex Clare), Dean Valentine Smith (Various Cruelties, Hikikomori) and Jake Harding (Gravelines).

Fuller has endeavoured to create a big, bold sound, balanced out by a melancholic and introspective feel. It’s an interesting combination of sounds that brings together live guitars, synths, and samples that, in a sense, fits in well with today’s dream pop and shoegaze, but is also reminiscent of the experimentation of fabulous musical minds like Brian Eno and Steve Reich. Night Movies is like an adventure in sound, and the fun is in the suspense of where you may end up.

Artwork for the single “Reaction Video” by Night Movies

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