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Haroula Rose Discusses Her Upcoming Album and New Single “The Nature of Things”

We sat down with Haroula Rose to chat more about the new song “The Nature of Things” and her upcoming album ‘Catch The Light,’ due this month



There has been a recent shift in society to focus more on intentional living…. to slow down and find contentment in the present moment. In my opinion, this shift is long-awaited as the “hustle” culture has been glorified for far too long, resulting in burnout, increased mental health crisis, and so much more.

Singer-songwriter Haroula Rose is taking a deeper look at “slowing down” and what it means to appreciate that life is about the people that we love and not necessarily the places we go or the things we accomplish in her new song “The Nature of Things.” A sweetly tender track, “The Nature of Things” is a precursor to her upcoming album Catch The Light, due this month.

We sat down with Haroula to chat more about the new song, upcoming album, and the inspiration behind it all…. read below to see what she had to say.

Where did the title “The Nature of Things” come from?

Haroula Rose: “‘The Nature of Things’ as a title came from the bed of the guitar part Will (Graefe) sent me. It felt like it lent itself to a story like this, a feeling of balance, of the push and pull of life.”

What’s the song about? What inspired it? Is there a story behind it?

“The story behind the song came from how we can think on things however long we want, and keep going back and forth, but sometimes it’s about letting things run their course.”

Favorite lyrical line in the song? Why?

“It’s a tie between ‘All my life I’m going somewhere/Is there a way to know once you’re there?’ and ‘Concentric circles coming apart/A puzzle of pieces and steps by heart’ because I feel like those lines came from some other place, they just fell into me and sum up how I feel most of the time about life and art, etc.”

This follows your cover of Chris Stapleton’s song “You Should Probably Leave”…why did you choose that song as a cover for this project?

“I love this song because it’s a very tender and relatable feeling, plus excellent songwriting, to boot. The turnaround is something that made me feel a lot of things, and I wanted to hear it as a ballad…”

As part of your upcoming release, Catch The Light, what is inspiring your writing at this moment?

“I feel inspired by our longing to connect with each other and the struggle or paradox that we also need solitude to reflect. But since this great chapter of upheaval and intense loneliness and solitude, I have had many conversations about how it’s been challenging to just go and be how we were before. So I find myself wondering how best to connect with people and let things happen naturally. Maybe it’s with fewer people, it’s definitely about being open.”

Cover art for “The Nature Of Things” by Haroula Rose

Can you share the theme/messaging behind your upcoming album?

“I always find it’s easier to hear what someone else takes away as the theme, hehe, but I think probably this one more than any other set of songs I have put out there… is about going inward and how there are multitudes within each of us. It really blows my mind how everyone’s specific journey is so vastly different from another’s, and yet we can find ways to look at each other and stay connected or find ways to empathize somehow.”

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard it before?

“I think I would say it’s pretty organic, natural, evergreen kinda sound. Especially on this one, which is pretty straightforward in terms of vocals and instrumentation.”

What can fans expect next?

“I hope to hit the road in the coming months – excited about that because it’s been a while. Working on some remixes, a new film. And I am halfway through another record that will (hopefully) come out early or mid-2023!”

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