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Billy Woodward – “Heavy Hours” [Song Review]

Blooming Americana and folk artist Billy Woodward delivers his incredibly moving single, “Heavy Hours,” one of his proudest and most meaningful songs to date.



Blooming Americana and folk artist Billy Woodward from Brooklyn, NY, released his incredibly moving single “Heavy Hours” on June 10th. This is his third single on his first LP, The Boy From The Bay, which releases on June 24th. In this emotionally crafted single, Billy created an outlet for his many levels of grief during the peak of the pandemic, which impacted his perspective on life as he knew it. Listeners of all backgrounds can appreciate the depth and vulnerability expressed through Billy’s cutting lyrics in “Heavy Hours.”

In Billy’s own words:

“‘Heavy Hours” is a song wrestling with the immense gravity of loss, tear-soaked pleading with God, the resilient power of community and ‘the wistful urging to hold yourself up to your own ideals.’”

From losing one of his biggest idols, John Prine, due to Covid, becoming a father in the middle of the pandemic and going through gut-wrenching loss of family, the emotions flow out of this single with the same ease in which it took Billy to put it to paper. Through remembering those he has lost and processing this grief through the power of music, Woodward has created one of his proudest and most meaningful projects to date.

The song was produced by John Jackson (The Jayhawks, Ray Davies), mixed by Grammy-award winner Matt Ross-Spang (Jason Isbell, John Prine, Margo Price) and engineered by Jeff Berner (The Jayhawks). Overall, The Boy From The Bay delivers on what Woodward describes as his “therapy record” while sounding more like the soundtrack to a great modern western flick with its pensive Americana instrumentation, alt-country sensibilities, and evocative vocals. Fans can look forward to the full album available for streaming everywhere on June 24th.

Run Time: 2:52
Release Date: June 10, 2022
Record Label: Self-Release

Billy Woodward