Verswire has been officially launched and is worth checking out. Created by Veeps founder & COO Sherry Saeedi, Mark Hoppus of blink-182 fame, and veteran music manager and Lippman Entertainment Partner Nick Lippman, the company also boasts Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz as a strategic advisor. Long story short, per a recent press release, “Verswire is a game-changing new venture capital music startup. Serving as a development incubator that both emerging and established artists alike can call home, the company brings a modernized alternative to the music industry.”

Sherry Saeedi comments:

“The countless tech solutions that allow artists to make extra money have merely been a bandaid, while no one has fixed the root of the problem: that unfavorable deals do not allow artists to make money or own their music. In witnessing my closest friends put on the back-burner or trapped within the deals they signed while going bankrupt, I didn’t feel like anyone out there was providing the right solution to artists, but rather an iteration of the same archaic business model we’ve seen fail artists time and time again. I decided to build Verswire with an incredible team to re-envision the industry and provide musicians with an alternative that’s truly created with their well-being and careers as the priority.

Verswire’s first signing is the band Beauty School Dropout which has also just debuted their new single “Assassin,” a track that “blends scorching instrumentation with unshakable melodies and demonstrates why the California-native three-piece are destined to be a force in rock music.”

Nick Lippman comments:

“The artist and label relationship needs to be a symbiotic partnership in order to garner absolute success. Verswire is the culmination of this ideology and something I’m proud to be a part of.”

Artwork for the single “Assassin” by Beauty School Dropout

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