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Album Review

Papa Roach – ‘Ego Trip’ [Album Review]

Massive guitars, sickeningly memorable hooks, and laced with angst, ‘Ego Trip’ sees Papa Roach getting their arena-built sound absolutely spot on.



American rock giants Papa Roach are one of those bands that just keep on smashing it and, as they emerge, post-lockdown, with their new album, Ego Trip, the group sounds hungrier than ever with a collection of songs that, quite frankly, blows any of their recent output right out of the park.

Known the world over for their huge, alt-rock anthems, having been unleashed from the restraints of lockdown, Ego Trip is an absolutely explosive piece of work. With the odd nod of appreciation to their groundbreaking, game-changing 2000 breakthrough album Infest, the Californian rockers bring their sound kicking and screaming into a new era. Opening with the ferocious “Kill The Noise,” the sound is instantaneously recognizable as Papa Roach. Massive guitars, sickeningly memorable hooks, and laced with angst, Ego Trip sees Papa Roach getting their arena-built sound absolutely spot on.

Of course, while there is definitely a nod or two back to their Infest debut, as seen on tracks like “No Apologies,” Ego Trip is far from being a trip down memory lane. Far from it, as “Swerve” sees the band team up with Fever 333 frontman Jason Aalon Butler while the hip-hop influence pulsing through almost every track on this album is very much 2022.

Back in 2000, we all screamed our lungs out to nu-metal anthems like “Dead Cell” and “Last Resort,” so those who have stuck with the band through the ups and downs will be pleased to see Jacoby Shaddix is back with more angst-riddled bangers. Whether it is the modern rock of “Stand Up” or the sweat-drenched title track or the absolutely snarling “Killing Time,” their first material post-lockdown sees Papa Roach absolutely swinging.


As they storm out of the gates, it’s very apparent that the last two years pent-up rage has inspired these Californians to write some of their best material to date.

Ego Trip Track Listing:

1. Kill The Noise
2. Stand Up
3. Swerve (feat. FEVER 333 & Sueco)
4. Bloodline
5. Liar
6. Ego Trip
7. Unglued
8. Dying To Believe
9. Killing Time
10. Leave a Light On
11. Always Wandering
12. No Apologies
13. Cut The Line
14. I Surrender

Run Time: 42:54
Release Date: April 8, 2022
Record Label: New Noize Records


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