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Knocked Loose (w/ Movements, Khublai Khan, Koyo) Play a Chaotic Show at Baltimore Soundstage [Photos]

After releasing their latest EP, A Tear in the Fabric of Life, metalcore band, Knocked Loose set out on a stacked U.S. tour.



After releasing their latest EP, A Tear in the Fabric of Life, metalcore band, Knocked Loose set out on a stacked U.S. tour. With multiple sold-out shows and stellar opening acts accompanying them, this tour was bound to be chaotic in the best way possible. One of their stops during the spring tour was in Baltimore, MD, where I had the chance to witness an intense show put on by the Kentucky natives. Upon walking into a capacity-filled venue with no barricade and fans ready to rage, I knew my night would be wild.

Upon the release of A Tear in the Fabric of Life, Knocked Loose did something they’d never done before and created a short animated film to act as a storyline for the EP. The film tells a story from the viewpoint of someone who has lost a loved one in a car accident. The lyricism in each song alludes to the heavy-hitting representation of experiencing grief and how far someone will go in order to overcome it. Taking you through the downward spiral of the protagonist, Knocked Loose did an exceptional job relaying the emotions and pain tied to loss. I highly recommend watching the short film to experience the tragic yet compelling storyline of the EP fully.

The anticipation was high as the stage got set up for the final band of the night. Typically, I am lucky enough to be shielded by a barricade when photographing shows, but tonight I submerged myself into the sea of fans, eager to get some killer shots. Euphoria filled the room as Knocked Loose claimed their rightful spots on stage as fans fled to them in swarms.

Knocked Loose @ Baltimore Soundstage (Baltimore, MD) on April 5, 2022

They started the night off with one of their new tracks from A Tear In the Fabric of Life titled “Where Light Divides the Holler.” Concert-goers thrashed back and forth as stage divers pummeled through the crowd. The energy was intense, and despite being jam-packed into a group of sweaty bodies, it was the most fun I could ever have. Knocked Loose played “Counting Worms” throughout the night, featuring their famous “Arf, Arf!” breakdown that fans go crazy over. The metalcore group continues the grow and improve as a band with each year that goes by. This sold-out show was an excellent representation of their continued success.

If you have the chance, I cannot suggest enough that you should go to one (or more) of their shows either on their current tour or in the future. Knocked Loose puts on a performance like no other and is sure to get you moving.

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