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Jason Flashner Premieres His Warming “Within a World” Music Video

Jason Flashner delivers the video for the acoustic version of his single, “Within a World,” found on his recent release, ‘Roots.’



Jason Flashner knows you have been waiting patiently, but don’t worry, he’s ready to deliver. Making up for some lost time, Flashner released two brand new albums on April 1st, the first titled Rocks, the second Roots. You could consider them sister albums, because they contain the same eleven tracks, with the versions on Rocks performed as a full band, while the same songs on Roots are done up as solo acoustic adaptations.

An indie artist through and through, Flashner has come a long way since he released his sophomore record Indie Tale. The pandemic arriving shifted his focus from live performing back to investing more time in the studio and learning more about the recording equipment, and how to harness it to get a better sound.

Flashner has now graced us with the new music video for the Rocks track “Within a World.” A fun, poppy, upbeat affair, the video is a clever visual accompaniment with the images in the clip all an example or reflection of the words coming out of Flashner’s mouth.

With some words on the inspiration behind “Within a World,” Flashner tells us:


“I was driving into NYC and in a little traffic on the 59th Street Bridge. I was looking at the skyscrapers and thinking how behind every window in every building, there was a story… LOTS of stories. Somewhere at this point, I came up with a concept/lyric that I wrote down, ‘we all live in a world that’s within a world that’s within our mind…’ The next day I wrote the song around this lyric. It is ultimately about how everything is related and intertwined in this crazy world we live in.”

The pandemic afforded Flashner the opportunity to not only understand recording equipment better but also himself as a music maker. After hundreds of hours of research and improvising in the studio, he somewhat unintentionally found himself with a bunch of songs in some form of completion ready to be recorded. The songs on both Rocks and Roots are pop-oriented, but some are also more folksy, and others indie/alternative-oriented.

With time came productivity and creativity, and a reignited passion for music that is widely evident on these two new impressive records.

Artwork for the album ‘Rocks’ by Jason Flashner