As much as we may be inclined to think big and dream bigger, it’s the little things that tend to really matter. And it’s those same little things that inspired singer-songwriter Emily Gabriele in the writing of her brand new single “No Mind.” Gabriele, or “EG,” as she is frequently referred to, has composed a beautiful pop-rock number here, as her voice soars throughout the song, hitting all of the high notes over a very radio-friendly mix of pop-rock guitars and drums.

The song will be found on Gabriele’s brand new album Omega Man, due for release on May 27th. In the lead-up to the record’s release, she will be dropping a new single every two weeks, with “No Mind” the follow-up to the lead single “Freedom,” which dropped on March 18th. Check it out below.

Expounding on her ideas behind “No Mind,” Gabriele tells us:

“The song is about the idea of making minor adjustments to our lives. There are habits we can change that might be obvious to others, but not as obvious to ourselves, as we go through the motion of living.

“The seemingly ‘small’ actions and habits in our lives compound over time. If we don’t take inventory of how we act, those compounded actions can build up into something massive, for better or for worse.”

The New York City-based Gabriele specializes in guitar pop music, with a nice hearty slice of both singer-songwriter and rock sounds infused within. She has become something of a New York City sensation, well known for her stops at several iconic venues like Pete’s Candy Store, Arlene’s Grocery, Rockwood Music Hall, and the Bowery Electric, with a show at the latter planned for next Saturday, April 9th.

A collaborative album recorded with English producer Christopher Clarke, Omega Man was written as a tribute to Gabriele’s late father who passed away quite suddenly towards the end of 2019. It was at his funeral that she learned from his lifelong friends that they frequently referred to her father as “Omega Man,” always the source of truth, ethics, and final say when a dispute would arise amongst them.

With her honest approach to songwriting, Gabriele hopes that listeners are able to relate to her ideas and sentiments on this very candid release.

Artwork for the single “No Mind” by Emily Gabriele