Polished, capable, refined, and already quite accomplished, singer and songwriter NXLLY (pronounced NELLY) is bursting onto the scene with her new single “I KNOW.” The song is a sign of things to come on her upcoming debut EP, which will more fully introduce you to the dynamic, R&B protégé.

For now, though, you can groove to the slick production, intoxicating beat, and dynamic lyricism on “I KNOW,” a song meant to inspire its listeners to rise above what may be unjustifiably troubling them.

In reference to the new single, NXLLY shares:

“I was inspired to make this song, when I was in a toxic ‘relationship,’ I made this song to create an empowering energy for all who can relate.”

Undeniably gifted, the 19-year-old Perth-based singer brings a dark, soulful tone to her vocals that help differentiate her from other young, R&B performers. It also helps in emphasizing her authenticity, not only as an artist but as a person. Her voice has a soothing quality to it, an almost calming effect that easily resonates with you as a listener. NXLLY’s primary influences include Rihanna, Kehlani, and from a lyrical standpoint, Jhene Aiko. You may think of it as late-night R&B, music that calms you down and mellows you out.

With her debut EP on the way soon, 2022 is bound to be a breakout year for NXLLY, as more and more listeners become aware of her uplifting, inspirational approach to her craft.