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Trust Us: Watch Albercave’s New “Trust Less” Music Video [Premiere]

If you’re feeling sleepy on this lazy Sunday, then wake the heck up with some punishing riffs and devastating growls, from Bordeaux, France’s Albercave. Enjoy their new “Trust Less” music video!



If you’re feeling sleepy on this lazy Sunday, well you won’t be if you’re checking out the latest from Albercave. With punishing riffs and devastating growls, the Bordeaux, France group is operating at maximum efficiency on their latest single “Trust Less.”

This new song is a savoury sampling of what’s to come on the quartet’s upcoming album Of Dirt And Free Will, which will be their debut full-length. No release date is set yet, but the album is expected to drop early in the new year. The song is balls to the wall, heavy metal brutality at its finest with a video so intense that will make you sweat just watching it.

With a comment on this new single, the band offers:

“‘Trust Less’ is the fifth track of our upcoming album. It was written during quarantine in May, 2020. We wanted a really powerful and fast-paced song that crystallize our live energy, where we could let it all out!

“The song is a reflection about paranoia and how it can alter a person’s mind. It pictures a man who was so mentally hurt by a peer, that his natural instinct drove him into thinking everyone is treacherous.”

Recently celebrating three years together in October, Albercave is best described as a groove/hardcore band, but their musical style goes beyond such strict classifications. There’s no doubting its heaviness and its ferocity, but the band prefers to take an open-minded approach to their songwriting, as they commonly mix electronic sampling and synthesizers in, something that’s not exactly typical when it comes to groove or hardcore. They released their debut EP in 2019, which was followed by two singles last year.

Like most bands, 2020 slowed Albercave down more than they would have liked, but with the new year upon us, it’s definitely go-time for this ascending, thrilling foursome.

Artwork for the single “Trust Less” by Albercave