Soulful folk singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Ram Dass delivers a collection of 5 strikingly emotional tracks on his upcoming EP, And Now He Has Wings, out December 3rd. The artist is in the midst of his return to the commercial music community following the success of his 2014 collaboration, “From Within,” with Nirinjan Kaur and Matthew Schoening which premiered at #1 on the Apple New Age Music charts. And Now He Has Wings is a deeply personal project that captures the raw emotions inherent to life’s most impactful moments of beauty and pain; ultimately, it vulnerably details Ram Dass’ experience processing the grief and recovery following the loss of his newborn son.

Several of the songs on this EP were recorded in collaboration with the band AWARÉ. Hypnotic, stripped production speaks to the soul of listeners on every track. The artist – with a background primarily as a producer and studio musician – masterfully weaves harmony capturing the emotional intricacies of his experience with a stunning integrity communicating feelings beyond words. He delivers brilliant musical reflections of formative moments from this emotional time in his life, each track embodying different elements of the story.

The self-produced and recorded introduction to the EP, “Elegy For A Yellow Bird,” is a delicate instrumental track bearing a heavy-hearted recount of discovering and nursing an injured baby bird back to health shortly after the passing of their child. For Ram Dass, this story represents the deep compassion for those around him that was exemplified by his devastating loss. Ethereal strings mingle with melancholic fingerpicking on “To Be Born,” the second track on the EP that embodies an optimistic message of finding light through suffering, in spite of pain.

This track beautifully captures the essence of the EP, which for the songwriter, represented “his experience of finding beauty and joy within grief.” He learned that “happiness does not preclude having hard feelings, but rather includes them.” Ram Dass concludes the EP with the title track, “And Now He Has Wings,” a stunning composition exploring the experience of death. “I wanted to show this process as a musical painting,” he says, “and tell the story of someone releasing their human form and growing ‘wings’ into another realm.”

Cover art for ‘And Now He Has Wings’ by Ram Dass