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Track-by-Track: The Coyote Debuts and Details His Boss New EP ‘Bad Killer’

As a special accompaniment to the unveiling of The Coyote’s ‘Bad Killer’ EP, he has joined us for a special track-by-track rundown where he digs into the dirt of each song on this extraordinary new release.



Creatively speaking, The Coyote is motivated to take the road less travelled. While others may head down the beaten path, he is determined to carve out his own path forward. And he sticks to his guns, committed to the choices and decisions he has made while giving no mind to what-ifs or what-could-have-beens. That lone wolf mentality is particularly apparent on his new EP Bad Killer, which will be officially released tomorrow. The nine-track collection is bold to say the least, and enigmatic in nature. It’s hard to describe, as it’s more like an experience that you have to feel and hear for yourself. All that can really be said is that it’s unconventional and maybe even a little eye-opening.

Shedding some light on the EP, The Coyote states,

Bad Killer is a ghost story, set on a haunted frontier, full of rumbling engines and spooked horses on the run. With each twist and turn is an invitation to live the dream and dream the nightmare. In the West, where the prairie meets the coast, the compositions themselves stake new claims in the wellspring of 1950’s and 1960’s classics. Charged with the threat of the Bad Killer and narrated by the voice of The Coyote, whose melodies are as commanding as they are vulnerable, the tale ‘ere told — is in a whisper and a bang!”

A thematically inclined artist, The Coyote is inspired as a songwriter by the powerful forces of life. Love, courage, turmoil, fear, unity, doubt, necessity, it is these unseen things that he attempts to contextualize by lending them his own narrative through music. He is an artist heavily inspired by culture and history, with olden-days California an era and age that he draws heavily from. What makes him tick as a musician is the challenge of it all, the prospect of stirring things up, while reaching out for the unknown and inviting others along for the ride.

As a special accompaniment to the unveiling of The Coyote’s Bad Killer EP, he has joined us for a special track-by-track rundown where he digs into the dirt of each song on this extraordinary new release.

1. “Bad Killer (Pilot)”

“This ere’s the mystery of a man who’s allers raisin’ sand with Pinkerton, allers scapin’ the Texas Cakewalk, and allers long-ridin’ the Overland Trail; they call him Bad Killer. The tale ‘ere told is in a whisper and a bang.”

2. “Night Drive”

“There’s just no sleep for the haunted. That restless voice calls from within — listen and go to it, regardless of the amount of distance and darkness.”

3. “The Ghost That You Are”

“It’s only a matter of time before each person meets their ghost, but, sure as hell, everyone has one. And for those taking an active role in extracting the most out of life, hungry for the discovery of that precious element, encountering the ghost is an absolute necessity, terrifying as it is.”

Artwork for the album ‘Bad Killer’ by The Coyote

4. “Girls Won’t Sleep” (feat. Chrystabell)

“‘Girls Won’t Sleep’ is a fever dream in the middle of the night — you’re tossing and turning in your bed, hearing sounds that might just be in your head, until something forces you to give in to the unrest. From your bedroom radio, tuned to station TCP, it’s Chrystabell’s ethereal vocals that stir you to throw off the covers and sneak out through your window. Just like James Hurley, you get on your bike, ‘roll the throttle in, and just rocket blind into the dark.’”

5. “It’s Here”

“The tale of Bad Killer continues, after a quick pit-stop at a roadside service station with a lonesome phone booth… well, not entirely alone…”

6. “Always”

“‘Always’ is something of a note to self. It’s about embracing the person you’ve always been even if it confuses others around you, knowing that you deserve to dream. It’s a wonderful thing to reach deep down inside yourself and unearth hidden secrets, like an endless mineshaft of undiscovered pockets and gems.”

7. “Stranger Danger”

“When it comes to leaving your comfort zone, sometimes the thing that keeps you stuck somewhere, like a ghost town, is something close, closer than people like to look. The song begs the question, in that place, do you give in to the dust and decay, becoming another buried element of the town, or try to find a way out?”

8. “Candle in the Dark”

“In the pursuit of the dream, a nightmare is bound to occur — the two going mano-a-mano. At first, the dream may appear to be lost in the darkness but, in the words of Morrissey, ‘there is a light that never goes out.’ Find it and keep it burning.”

9. “Bad Killer (Season Finale)”

“‘Bad Killer’ is a ghost story, set on a haunted frontier, full of rumbling engines, spooked horses, and outlaws on the run. It is packed with twists and turns and charged with the threat of Bad Killer: a mean, manipulating, and menacing force that is both opposing and part of The Coyote, namely, ourselves. We must strive to find the balance between who we want to be and who we are terrified to be.”

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