My favourite aspect of music is discovering new artists, more so when that artist brings something to the table that sets them apart from the pack. Enter The Courettes, the husband and wife duo from Denmark and Brazil respectively. What have they got that a lot of other bands do not, you may ask; well it is the ability to time travel! That’s right, Flavia and Martin Couri are doing a time warp right back to the swinging sixties with us, the listeners, along for the ride. Their third studio album Back in Mono is a nostalgia trip for anyone alive during the period and a glimpse into the past for those of us that were not.

The opening track, “Want You! Like a Cigarette” encapsulates the very essence of the era and paints a picture of a live band playing in a café whilst the teens of the time sip on their milkshakes and dance the afternoon away. Think the iconic Arnold’s from Happy Days. “Night Time (The Boy of Mine)” amps up the swinging nature of ’60s rock ensuring you are twisting at the waist even if sat down. Forget the foot tap, this song will get your whole body moving whether you are a willing participant or not, it’s just impossible to resist dancing along to this track!

From the very outset of “R.I.N.G.O.,” it is clear that this really is the standout song of the record (although the competition is fierce). The beat feels like an intro to a retro TV show; it is simple yet satisfying and Flavia’s vocals are just outstanding. The duo’s current single, “Hop The Twig” delves into the funkier side of ’60s rock and whilst repetitive in its nature, it is done so well that it is far from a negative.

I am can’t help but love this album and its carefree qualities. Flavia is an exceptional guitarist and vocalist, but behind this incredible woman ensuring that every note has depth is the equally extraordinary Martin on drums and precision. If you love nostalgia or yearn for a simpler time, let The Courettes take you back to the past and lose yourself in a Back to the Future style daydream!

Back in Mono Track Listing:

1. Want You! Like a Cigarette
2. I can Hardly Wait
3. Hey Boy
4. Night Time (The Boy of Mine)
5. R.I.N.G.O.
6. Until You’re Mine
7. Trash Can Honey
8. Hop The Twig
9. Misfits and Freaks
10. My One and Only Baby
11. Too Late to Say I’m Sorry
12. Edge of My Nerves
13. Won’t Let You Go
14. Cry Cry Cry

Run Time: 36:21
Release Date: October 15, 2021
Record label: Damaged Goods Records