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Smash Into Pieces Vocalist Chris Adam on the Conclusion of Their Journey to the Futuristic World of Arcadia

We join Chris Ryan, vocalist with Swedish rockers Smash To Pieces, as they conclude their journey to Arcadia and head to ‘A New Horizon’



Scandinavian electro-rock band Smash Into Pieces recently released their epic new album A New Horizon. Concluding the story started on their Arcadia album, the Swedish rock band takes you on a journey into a futuristic world riddled with political corruption and driven by fear and misinformation.

Following the release of the album and the conclusion of the story, we spoke to lead singer Chris Adam about the story, whether or not there will be further concept-based albums down the line, and what Chris’ hopes for the future are post-lockdown.

Thanks for your time. The album is out now. How are things going?

Chris Adam: “BANGARAAANG! We’ve been waiting for this moment for so long and finally, we got to reveal what’s gonna happen to Apoc and the Arcadia world! Everything’s going great, pumped the album is finally out.”

So, A New Horizon. What are your hopes for this new chapter?

“My hopes are that we’re hopefully gonna defeat Ghostis soon? Stay tuned!”

It’s been a strange eighteen months, does this feel like a fresh start, a new chapter?

“Actually no… The only thing that we have been focusing on is to stay creative and to hang out with our loved ones as much as possible during these strange times. The only downside has been that we can’t see our fans IRL, but hopefully the world is gonna open up soon and we can return to some kind of normal life again!”

What have the last eighteen months been like for you? Has this inspired the themes on the new record?

“I’ve had a lot of quality time with my 4-year-old boy since Corona struck which has been super-duper important for me – so staying home from tour life has been kind of a blessing for me really. Music-wise we’re of course always inspired by today’s climate in the world.”

The new album also continues and concludes the story from Arcadia. Was that the plan and how did that story change to mirror the state of the world we live in?

“When we started to record Arcadia in summer of 2019 we didn’t have a clue (of course) of what was about to happen. When we recorded the cover of “Mad World” in December of 2019 all hell broke loose in the world and our timing was “perfect” in that sense. It was just a coincidence that the story in Arcadia would fit the outside world so perfectly.”

You talk about political corruption, everyone has their own opinion about how their Government handling the pandemic. What about in Sweden? How has life been?

“The only thing I really spend my time with is to sing with 100% focus and dedication for my fans, try to be the best version of myself and to make sure that I give my son my full attention so he can grow up to be a strong, confident man. Nuff said and next question.”

Artwork for ‘A New Horizon’ by Smash Into Pieces

And what about the future, how do you see life-changing for you on a daily basis?

“Probably no big changes when everything’s back on track again. The only thing you can do really is to make the best out of the situation!”

In terms of the band, you’re about to release your sixth album. What challenges did you face writing this one and how did those challenges compare to writing your previous five?

“We all do this full time now so we work much more closely in the studio than we did with the previous albums. That’s the big difference nowadays. For me personally, I’ve always tried to push myself and my vocals for every record we do. For A New Horizon I really did go the extra mile to make myself and the fans a little bit more satisfied. I’m super happy how it turned out!”

Next up for you is the Within Temptation/Evanescence tour. A huge opportunity and a great way to kick-start your return to live gigs?

“Oh yeah! People need to come because we’re gonna party till the end of humanity!”

What else do you have lined up after that?

“World Domination! What else? Nothing can stop the Smash-train!”

As we’ve touched on, the album concludes the story from Arcadia, what about the future, do you intend to continue to write concept-based albums?

“Why not! It’s fun! After this, who knows what’s gonna happen? Stay tuned!”

What about a live show, will the whole story from Arcadia and A New Horizon combine into one live show? What would you expect that to be like if it did?

“As long as we’re in Arcadia, we’re gonna stay true to that concept. Of course, we’re taking this to the stage and people are gonna be blown away by what we’re bringing to the table. See you on the road and you will know!”

Thanks for your time and good luck with the album. Over to you to wrap up this interview…

“Thank you for your support! I’m blessed to be in this band, having these amazing fans, to be healthy and well. I couldn’t ask for a better life. You all out there make THIS possible. Looking forward to the future and also looking forward to seeing y’all soon on a stage near you!”

Tour Dates:

03/31 – London – Underworld
04/01 – Manchester – Rebellion

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