It’s October; when the leaves are turning orange, the rain is falling furiously, and the most important holiday of the year is upon us. To get you in the Halloween spirit this year, we’re turning to Mordian and her brand new single “Sally’s Lament,” a song that will be familiar to all of you Halloween movie lovers out there. The tune was made famous in the Tim Burton-directed animated classic The Nightmare Before Christmas, a film important to so many, such as Mordian herself.

There’s a gothic, almost touching, operatic tone to Mordian’s vocals, and for this special occasion, she’s been joined by Dissona’s David Dubenic who performs the parts that the Jack Skellington character did in the film. Dubenic brings an intensity to the song, a near urgency that is complemented perfectly by Mordian’s chilling vocals.

Mordian meant for the song to be a tribute to a film that meant a lot to her as she was growing up. Commenting on her interpretation, she said,

“David and I created this cover to be a companion for your Halloween season, as well as a salute to a film we both hold dear to our hearts. Happy October!”

Ever since the release of her 2019 debut record, Romance In Disguise, Mordian has been working on perfecting her craft and winning over each new fan the old-fashioned way, one at a time. Her musical approach is a unique one, incorporating elements of alternative rock, hard rock, gothic rock, and heavy metal into something she calls “Gothic-Alternative For The Darkened Heart.”

As a songwriter and performer, Mordian remains very true to the music of her youth, a lot of dark alternative rock, metal, and gothic rock. It’s all come together as planned for this dynamic young artist, here to put you in the mood for something eerie and devilish this Halloween season.

Artwork for the single “Sally’s Lament” by Mordian