Rising alt-pop singer-songwriter Dylan Fraser is coming to the end of his set as we enter the O2 Academy in Leeds where Irish indie-rock favourites Inhaler are in town for the latest date for their headline tour. Putting a darker twist on the alt-pop sound, tracks like Fraser’s recent single “Nightmare” make the up-and-coming solo artist one to keep a keen eye on for the year ahead.

Given that their recent single “Wet Dream” had received over a quarter of a million views in just over a week shows just how popular the quirky duo of Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers aka Wet Leg has become in recent months. With only a short time on stage, the duo let their songs do the talking and it was hard not to get sucked into their music as the likes of “Supermarket,” the aforementioned new single and “Chaise Longue” had heads nodding along to their infectious melodies.

It’s impossible to talk about Irish indie-rock quartet Inhaler without the words Bono and U2 being used in the conversation. So, let’s get that out of the way now. Frontman Elijah Hewson does look like his father and does have the mannerisms of a young Bono and, judging by the way his performance, he knows it. That’s being said, Inhaler, judging by the hysteria that greets their entrance, is quickly forging their own name for themselves in the indie scene.

Whereas support act Wet Leg was afforded the nodding of heads for their set, Hewson and Co are welcomed like returning heroes as they open their set with the thumping “It Won’t Always Be Like This.” Further madness ensues when Hewson takes an unexpected leap off the stage and into the crowd during “We Have To Move On” as you quickly release that, for all his family connections, Hewson is one hell of a frontman.

Inhaler @ O2 Academy (Leeds, UK) on September 29, 2021

Touring in support of their debut album, It Won’t Always Be Like This, the Irish indie rock band, having had a Summer popping up on festivals all over the country, look just as much at home in the sweaty confines of places like the O2 Academy. The likes of “Ice Cream Sundae” and an epic “My King Will Be Kind” are just a couple of highlights of the thirteen-song set but, for these fans, every song was a highlight.

Unfortunately, for a band like Inhaler, there are always going to be those jealous accusations but, to the doubters who focus on one thing, the advice would be to get down to one of their gigs and check out the band for yourself. Hewson may have the looks and the mannerisms of his famous father but, as a unit, Inhaler has the energy, the talent and the songs to guarantee nights like this are unforgettable.

Inhaler Set List:

1. It Won’t Always Be Like This
2. We Have to Move On
3. Falling In
4. Slide Out the Window
5. Ice Cream Sundae
6. When It Breaks
7. A Night on the Floor
8. Who’s Your Money On? (Plastic House)
9. My King Will Be Kind
10. Totally
11. In My Sleep
12. Cheer Up Baby
13. My Honest Face


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