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blanket – ‘Modern Escapism’ [Album Review]

Blackpool post-metal outfit blanket takes you on a real journey with their mesmerizing new album ‘Modern Escapism.’ Read our review here.



Hailing from the seaside town of Blackpool, blanket is another of those UK bands that are really pushing the boundaries of heavy music with a sound that you really have to fully immerse yourself in to appreciate. That being said, if you afford their stunning new album, Modern Escapism, your undivided attention, you won’t regret it.

An absolutely flawless piece of work, whether pummelling your head as it does through the lurching, groaning early moments of opener “White Noise” or hypnotizing you with those calmer moments, there isn’t one minute of this forty-six-minute affair that won’t have you mesmerized. The beauty of it is that the Blackpool post-metal outfit makes the whole thing all sound so effortless. Whether the quartet is crashing between harsh, abrasive passages and soaring soundscapes as they do on the “Romance” or taking you into real atmospheric, moody territories as they do on the dramatic instrumental “Silent Ground,” blanket simply shine.

Another UK band also taking the blueprint for heavy music in the UK and ripping it up is Loathe so it comes as no surprise to find the Scousers frontman Kadeem France joining the group for a guest appearance on the beautiful “In Awe,” four minutes where the post-metal collaborators manage to combine those swirling layers of sound with an almost modern Deftones-esque vibe. The end result, like the rest of the album, is a song that can be suffocatingly heavy one moment then beautifully heartbreaking moments later.

Quite honestly, it’s hard to pick fault with this record. Modern Escapism is a truly great piece of work from a band that knows how to craft songs that take you on a journey. Throughout said journey, blanket’s music takes you to places that are as bleak and mournful as they are brutally dark. Modern Escapism is far from being an easy listen but, as already pointed out, if you give these heartfelt, powerful, dramatic songs your time, the rewards are very much worth it.

Modern Escapism Track Listing:

1. White Noise
2. Romance
3. The Last Days of the Blue Blood Harvest
4. Firmament
5. The Mighty Deep
6. In Awe
7. Where The Light Takes Us
8. Burial
9. Violence
10. Silent Ground
11. Last Light

Run Time: 46:27
Release Date: October 8, 2021
Record Label: Music For Nations

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