During a time when our opportunities to experience the uniqueness and prestige of other cultures have been severely limited, thank God we have the worldliness of artists such as Tropo. The California producer is gearing up to release his brand new album Siente Tu Corazón on September 7th, via Gravitas Recordings, and he’s whetting our appetite for this cosmopolitan musical adventure with the new single “Feathered Serpent.” Featuring a tribal drumbeat and an international flavour, the track has a very modern electronic feel to it, but its ancient, almost indigenous beat and ambience certainly cannot be ignored.

Explaining the motivation behind “Feathered Serpent,” Tropo told us, “I was visiting The Yucatán peninsula while on tour and I found myself enthralled by the ancient and mystical world of the Mayans. I found Coba, Chacchoben, Chichen Itza, Tulum, and Muyil to be all so beautiful and unique. As my fascination grew, I was inspired to compose Feathered Serpent as a tribute to Kukulkan, the deity that drew the great Mayan civilization together.”

The writing and recording of Siente Tu Corazón was primarily motivated by Tropo’s experiences travelling around the world, most notably Mexico, Turkey, Russia, and Austria. Inspired by the musical cultures of these places, the record explores house music, organic bass, and world bass fusion sounds. During these travels, Tropo encountered many interesting people who through the stories and anecdotes they shared with him, helped him craft this extremely multifaceted grouping of songs. Tropo has been carving out quite a niche for himself over the last few years, become well-regarded for his lyrical and hypnotic mix of house and world music. He has previously worked with artists such as Ayla Nereo, The Polish Ambassador, Alan Parsons, and Wildlight.

Global appeal is one of Tropo’s greatest assets, and it’s in no short supply on the inventive new Siente Tu Corazón

Artwork for Siente Tu Corazón’ by TROPO