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MouthBreather – ‘I’m Sorry Mr. Salesman’ [Album Review]

MouthBreather’s chaotic new offering ‘I’m Sorry Mr. Salesman’ is the stuff nightmares are made of. Read our review here.



Right from the getgo MouthBreather and their new offering, I’m Sorry Mr.Salesman, make their presence felt with a screech of feedback before lunging straight into the opening number “Wasted Life.”

Hailing from Haverhill, MA, the chaotic hardcore band sits just on the right side of chaos but, trust me, it’s just on the right side. One wrong move and the whole thing could come crashing down around you. Thankfully, it doesn’t, partly down to the fact that MouthBreather clearly has precision control over the chaos they’re creating. A traumatic blend of jagged hardcore, chaotic mathcore and disturbing nu-metal, there are tracks on this album like “Tension Underbite” where the whole thing teeters on the brink but, time and time again, the experimental quartet rein it all back in. Ferocious blast beats herald the start of “Don’t Bring Me Back” then, just when you think they’ve lost their collective minds, they effortlessly slam on the brakes skidding wildly into some kind of fucked-up mathcore/hardcore outburst.

Utterly terrifying, there are times throughout I’m Sorry Mr. Salesman where you wonder quite what the fuck is going on or if you’ll safely make it to the other side. Take “Why Am I In Hospital?,” a lunging, groaning onslaught mixing noise, experimental hardcore and a dash of filthy grindcore in there just for shits n’ giggles. If that isn’t enough to fuck your mind, the band put their Primus influence through a blender for two and a half minutes that, quite frankly, will leave you needed to sit down in a dark, quiet room.

Meant in the nicest possible way, at times, I’m Sorry Mr. Salesman is the stuff nightmares are made of but, despite that, it’s one of those albums that you find yourself not able to put down. Disturbing, menacing noise that only those of you with a strong disposition should take on but, be warned, if you do subject yourself to this wonderfully fucked-up album, you’ll never be the same again.

I’m Sorry Mr.Salesman Track Listing:

1. Wasted Life
2. Cotton Shot
3. Daunt
4. Tension Underbite
5. Wasted Science
6. Don’t Bring Me Back
7. Why Am I In A Hospital?
8. I Leave
9. Burnout
10. I’m Sorry Mr. Salesman

Run Time: 23:56
Release Date: August 13, 2021
Record Label: Good Fight Music

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