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The Other Each Other Makes His Disbelief Apparent on New Single “Door At Final Days” [Premiere]



There’s a lot on the mind of singer-songwriter Joel Finch, and it’s been percolating for quite some time. You would refer to Finch as a thinking man’s musician, someone who is always keeping his mind active, considering his points of view, and how he would like to best express himself.

His latest project, titled The Other Each Other, is perhaps his most evolved creation yet, as evidenced by the single “Door At Final Days,” one of the key tracks on his latest record Glass Case. Featuring as much angst, distortion, and dissatisfaction as you can handle, the song considers how the United States wound up in the political crisis it has been mired in for the last few years now. It’s a consideration of how America got itself into its current state of affairs where the current political conversation is dominated by disagreement, divisiveness, and intolerance. All it’s doing is dragging everyone down, and it’s to no one’s benefit whatsoever.

Finch explained the musical and lyrical motivations for the song, stating, “‘Door at Final Days’ represents everything we find fun in making music. The freedom to experiment and make noise. Cross Mahavishnu Orchestra with vague Tropicalia (a Brazilian artistic movement popular in the 1960s)? Sounds good! Throw in some vocal harmonies and away we go. Lyrically, ‘Door at Final Days’ amplifies the theme of the forthcoming album, Glass Case. Shock and disbelief. How did the world and, specifically, the U.S. get into such a pronounced downward spiral?”

Glass Case was initially motivated by Finch’s point of view on the Trump administration. It then morphed into a consideration of the unfortunate realities of social division, and what motivates people to act against their own well-being just to keep another person down. Due for release this summer via Paper Dice Recordings, Glass Case will feature eight new songs that Finch worked on with Tim Green of San Francisco metal act The Fucking Champs. The record will feature a dark post-punk sound, with an experimental flavour that shows a willingness to veer off into new and unchartered musical territory. Some of the songs lean more towards a dark wave sound, while others are more anthemic in nature. It’s a continuation of what Finch laid the groundwork for on his self-titled debut EP, released last year.

With The Other Each Other, Finch is locked and loaded, ready to have you join him on a musical journey like no other.

Artwork for ‘Glass Case’ by The Other Each Other