Oslo-based musician / producer / visual artist Torgny returns with his new brooding, introspective dark-pop EP, Together. Drawing on a myriad of influences from pop, rock, electronica and indie, the EP is full of themes around love, loss and relationships.

Following up the confrontational and conceptual autobiographical release Bathroom Stall Confessional release in 2019, the Together EP focuses more on melody, heartache and the female voice with the material again seeing the Oslo artist working with long time collaborator Maria Due who provides the material with a haunting presence as you will hear listening to our exclusive premiere of the EP right here:

Known to work across various media and genres, Torgny is known for dark electronics, punk rock aggression, vibrant lyricism and stunning music videos. He has a background in hardcore bands, and occasionally does music for theatre and film. With all this in mind, we had a quick chat with the Norwegian to find out more about his art.

There seem to be a lot of personal themes within your music, are the subject matter inspired by personal life, if so, what do you get out of putting them down in music?

“Yes, my last album Bathroom Stall Confessional was heavily inspired by the life I had led, it’s the closest thing I have come to anything resembling an autobiography. With the Together EP I would say the main influence is a mix between my own personal experiences, the experiences of people I know and my own imagination. I underwent a break-up in 2020, and on the cover are two pictures, one of my ex and one of my daughter. However, there are things that wouldn’t match my personal life in the lyrics: For example, I’ve never lived on a houseboat, haha. Regarding the last part of your question, I’d say that when something feels urgent (and only then) I think it’s worth investigating through sounds and words.”

You talk about isolation and loneliness, how have you coped with that during lockdown?

“Ok, I guess. I am getting my second shot today, so I cannot complain! The last year has influenced my thinking and writing for my next project for sure. I am working on some demos and my approach feels different, definitely inspired by lockdown restlessness.”

Your music is a mix of genres, do you remember the artists or albums that made the biggest impact on you as you were growing up?

“Of course! Punk and hardcore stuff like Bad Brains and Minor Threat. But also a lot of 90s rap, rave music, folk stuff and Bitche’s Brew by Miles Davis. The song “As My Mind Closed, yours Was Opening” on the new EP is actually a cover song by legendary singer-songwriter Frankie Stubbs, known from the punk rock band Leatherface. Their album MUSH is a complete classic with great, personal and poetic lyrics. His songwriting has indeed been an inspiration.”

You’ve worked with Maria Due on the new single, do you remember how you met and what made you want to work with her?

“It was actually two artist friends of mine who suggested that I should try her out on the songs “Big Day” and “The Only Game” from my debut album Chameleon Days. And we’ve hung out since, we are very different. She also works as a psychologist. Every recording session ends in long talks about life and relationships.”

I believe you have also worked providing music for theatre and film? Can you tell us about that? Is that something you have any plans to explore further this year?

“I have made some music for my friend Emil Trier’s new film “Trust Me” this year. I wrote music for one theatre production in 2020. I have no immediate film or stage plans as of now, but I am always open to interesting projects. I like doing it, because it bleeds over to my songwriting sometimes. It shines a light on it, if I can put it that way?”

Now the EP is out, what are your plans for the rest of 2021?

“Work on a new album for sure! A different approach. More live musicians, church organs, deep erotic longing, moonlit prayer, autotune, maybe a bit of lute? Haha! I also work on a more lyric-driven spoken word album with loose narratives and eruptive shouts, I guess with some reference to the more lyric-driven tracks in my catalogue, such as “Ruth Gordon Is Magic” or “Elegy For Hassan”.”


I have an unhealthy obsession with bad horror movies, the song Wanted Dead Or Alive and crap British game shows. I do this not because of the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll lifestyle it affords me but more because it gives me an excuse to listen to bands that sound like hippos mating.