Big vocals. Big guitars. Big songs. Big hooks. In short, Chez Kane, the self-titled debut solo record from Chez Kane is just plain BIG.

The British powerhouse rock vocalist who also moonlight’s with her two sisters in the band Kane’d teamed up recently with producer Danny Rexon, frontman for the Swedish rock combo, Crazy Lixx. The result is a gloriously authentic arena rock collection that’s sure to compel passionate aficionados to party like it’s 1989, all over again.

“I feel so excited to have been asked to collaborate with Danny for a solo album,” says Chez. “The second I heard the music, I instantly knew it was for me. This is going to be killer!”

Producer Danny Rexon shares Chez’s enthusiasm. “The mission was clear to me from day one: Give the fans a female rocker that will remind them of the powerful rock anthems of the past. I have great faith in this endeavor and no doubt that this album will resonate well with fans.”

Chez adds that “Even though I was born in the ’90s, I have always had a major soft spot for that infectious ’80s style. So, from that aspect, Danny’s songwriting fits me really well.”

Mirroring the successful creative partnership between iconic singer, Meat Loaf, and celebrated songwriter, Jim Steinman, Rexon wrote and arranged each of the record’s ten tracks. And with Chez’s dynamic vocals out front of layers (and layers) of massive guitars, driving bass, hard-hitting drums and infectious keyboards, the record certainly will remind fervent fans of the timeless, much-loved music from the likes of Lita Ford, Lee Aaron, Vixen and Saraya.

From start to finish, the record never misses. Of the many highlights, the impressive leadoff video single, “Too Late For Love” is hot, indeed — 7800° Fahrenheit, to be precise. And while “Ball N’ Chain” feels like a bed of nails, “Dead End Street” just might push ya to the edge of a broken heart.

Truth be told, when I received a copy of this record recently from one of my go-to publicists, the last thing I had time for at that moment was another record review. Deadline overload, for sure. But my interest was piqued, so I gave it a spin. Simply put, I fell in love with Chez Kane, her amazing voice and her record, all on the spot. And I challenge any like-minded, fist-pumping disciples who still crave the golden arena rock genre to check this one out as well. Chances are, you’ll fall in love too.

Chez Kane Track Listing:

1. Better Than Love (5:09)
2. All of It (3:34)
3. Rocket on the Radio (5:31)
4. Get it On (4:19)
5. Too Late for Love (4:14)
6. Defender Of The Heart (5:34)
7. Ball N’ Chain (4:37)
8. Midnight Rendezvous (4:01)
9. Die in the Name of Love (4:10)
10. Dead End Street (5:39)

Run Time: 46:48
Release Date: March 12, 2021
Record Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l.

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