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Jarrod Jeremiah Says Hello to a “Japanese Morning” with His New Single [Premiere]



The sky is clear, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the beats are slick… It could only mean one thing; it’s a “Japanese Morning.” Our good friend Jarrod Jeremiah returns with his new single, his first release of the year, and the follow-up to “Face The Light,” which we brought to you first back in December. This is perhaps Jeremiah’s most innovative work yet, a song that features something new from the young singer-songwriter.

Whereas his previous releases were more embedded within the confines of bedroom pop, “Japanese Morning” veers off into more electronic and jazz influences. In comparing the song to his previous releases, “Japanese Morning” has the sound of an artist who is becoming more comfortable within his own musical space. It’s the sound of a man who’s figured out the creative direction he wants to head in that’s distinctively his own.

Written, recorded, and produced all from his bedroom “Japanese Morning” represents the symbolic breakdown in communication that occurs between two people that were at one time close. With more to say on the writing of the track, Jeremiah said, “‘Japanese Morning’ is one of the more fun/catchy tracks I’ve made. It’s my exploration of the common ‘808’ bass-heavy beats. The song itself’s production leans towards a bedroom pop/alternative R&B feel, but does not really fit in any genre and that’s what I love about it. It’s catchy basic pop but it’s not. The song was made in my bedroom as all my other songs and started of with a catchy synth loop made on my midi keyboard.”

Jeremiah may still be young, but he’s been working tirelessly on his craft since his teenage years. With the release of “Japanese Morning,” he’s using this as an opportunity to make a statement to the music community in his native Australia. 2020 may have been slow, but it afforded him the chance to really take a step back and focus on what is important to him from a musical and personal point of view. This has given Jeremiah a renewed sense of focus, both on himself as an artist, and as a human being. While he prefers to take a DIY approach to his songwriting, that doesn’t mean that there’s no finesse in his arsenal. Quite the contrary, with each new release, Jeremiah keeps breaking into new musical territory, and given his excellence as a songwriter and an instrumentalist, there’s no telling where this young man is going to end up.


Artwork for “Japanese Morning” by Jarrod Jeremiah