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Canyon Are Out To Satisfy With Their New Single “Minority Outspoken” [Premiere]



There are certain things in life that are just plain seductive… Chocolate… Sex… And undoubtedly crunch guitar riffs. We can’t promise you the first two, but we certainly can with the last thanks to Canyon’s latest single “Minority Outspoken.” This is four minutes of distorted groove, heavy breakdowns, and a thundering rhythm section that really emphasizes the chemistry that exists within this band. Oftentimes, the units that play the best together, and show the optimal cohesion are the trios, and Canyon just so happens to be one, made up of bassist and singer Alex Duin, guitarist Dalton Courtney, and drummer David Collopy. “Minority Outspoken” is the first sample of new music from the group’s new, five song EP entitled Static, which will hit be landing in your playlist on May 21st.

In reference to “Minority Outspoken,” the guys said, “We love this jumpy, punky riff and this song is hella fun to play live. Slightly more serious subject matter delivered on the platter of hyperactive stoner grunge we are polishing up.”

The Land Down Under is well regarded for producing no nonsense rock n’ roll, and such is the case again with Canyon. Hailing from Melbourne, their chief endeavour is to devise their own brand of alternative hard rock, with splashes of stoner and progressive rock. Through its five tracks, Static displays some impressive versatility, with each song giving you something a little different. “Insane” is a fast paced, riff-heavy romp, while “Keep Me Waiting” is a six and a half minute jam.  The title track leans a little on the lighter side, with a more rock-driven approach, powered by a dynamic bassline. Overall, what’s really impressive about Static is how satisfied Canyon seems with their sound, and their ability to drift into any sonic territory they choose. It’s a winning formula for a band that sounds completely in the zone.

Artwork for “Minority Outspoken” by Canyon