Bristol-based atmospheric alt-pop group Ålesund recently released their brilliant new single “Lightning,” and are looking forward to life getting back to normal when lockdown restrictions in the UK start to ease in March and April. That being the case, V13 spoke to vocalist Alba Torriset to find out what six things she’s looking forward to most in the coming months.

1. Playing Live Gigs

Alba Torriset: “An obvious one, but getting back to live gigs with real-life audiences in front of you! That feeling is incomparable, as great as live-streamed gigs are, there’s nothing that can replace all being in the same venue or field and dancing/singing along/sharing an atmosphere and space together.”

2. Seeing Family

“Seeing my family. It’s been six months since I got to see them last and I miss them like crazy.”

3. Going On Tour

“Re-booking our European tour. This one might be more tricky as we now have Brexit issues to contend with. But we were mid-tour in The Netherlands when countries started closing borders last March. However, we would still love to go and play the places we had planned to.”

Artwork for ‘Lightning’ by Alesund

4. Being Able To Visit Museums

“Going to The V&A! It’s my favourite museum and I normally try to visit every couple of months. I’ve missed seeing exhibitions and generally experiencing culture a lot.”

5. Freedom To Travel

“Travelling about freely. Being able to drive into Wales for walks, heading down to the coast, travelling to London to see friends etc. Generally moving about and not being stuck in the same place. Don’t get me wrong I love Bristol, but it’s also great to be able to enjoy other places.”

6. Socialising with Friends Again

“Sitting in a pub/bar/restaurant/cafe with lots of friends and it not being illegal/lethal/generally negative. I can’t wait for that to be allowed and for it to be a happy thing, not a life-risking law-breaking event!”

Ålesund’s new single, “Lightning,” is out now and you can listen to it here.


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