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Soundhoose is Crazy-Good on Their New Single, “Psycho” [Premiere]



If you feel like you’ve gone a little bit “Psycho” over the last year or so, well, we got the anthem for you! It’s probably a feeling we’ve all felt in one way or another in the trying times we’re living in, and heavy alternative rockers Soundhoose are trying to make sense of it all with their brand new single “Psycho.”

The song is the lead track to come from the band’s brand new album Quarantine Psycho that will be released on April 16th. Aside from the appeal of its crunching guitars and restless lyrics, “Psycho” acknowledges the state of affairs we’re currently mired in, and doesn’t shy away from those difficult ruminations we’ve had on life over the last several months. Rather than run from it, Soundhoose proposes that you embrace it, and use it to help make you a better individual.

In regards to “Psycho,” singer and songwriter Brandon Smith, sometimes referred to as Mr. Bad Luck described it as, “An upbeat rebellious anthem that screams I’m a misfit and a psycho. During the time of quarantine, you’re really forced to reflect, and when you don’t have the approval of parents, friends or strangers, you begin to doubt yourself. This track is naming all the names/labels you’ve been called over the course of this time and you’re owning it. You’re constantly having people doubt you and it’s totally ok. Everyone handles things differently and the one thing Mr. Bad Luck does is he embraces who he is, even if that means being called a psycho.”

A full-on rock n’ roll assault, Soundhoose reach across the spectrum of rock in developing their infectious sound. From Green Day, to Linkin Park, to Yungblud, to Rise Against, to Muse, to My Chemical Romance, this is a band that doesn’t allow itself to get hung up on genres or classifications. Smith formed the group in 2018 while he was attending the Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis. Although very much a band, Soundhoose is primarily guided by Smith, who writes, records, produces, and mixes everything on his own. He’s assisted very capably in the process by bassist Erik Netland, and drummer Paul Burns. If you’re wondering where the Mr. Bad Luck moniker comes from, it’s a character that Smith conjured up for when he performs, somewhat like the Blurryface character that Twenty One Pilots created. After finishing up his studies last spring, Smith moved back to his hometown of Los Angeles with his focus now fully on writing and recording for Soundhoose.

If you’re feeling at all like a “Psycho” lately, don’t worry, we kind of all are, and also, Soundhoose has got your back.

Artwork for “Psycho” by Soundhoose