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Joss Jaffe Urges Listeners Towards Renewal with New Single “Sun To Shine”



In the year 2020, we all learned the importance of slowing down and taking extra care to renew our minds, bodies, and souls. Billboard-charting artist Joss Jaffe has found a way to encourage listeners to slow down and renew with his album Meditation Music (2019). Debuting at #3 on Billboard’s New Age chart, Jaffe instantly proved his mastery of uniting diverse artists to create revealing new sounds. This mastery is exhibited in his newest single and music video “Sun To Shine.”

“Sun To Shine” (featuring yoga musician and Grammy nominee Dave Stringer) ushers Jaffe’s listeners into a space of spontaneous joy. Initially written by Jaffe during a 4-month trip to India, “Sun To Shine” takes listeners on a spiritual exploration through renewal, love, and redemption. The beautifully-animated music video ( hand-drawn and animated by Felice Wong, a Hawaiian-born 2D animator and artist based in Los Angeles) is a simple reflection of the mantra perpetuated through the lyrics of the track. “Everywhere you get To, Anywhere it Takes You, In this Life… All your dreams and visions, loves and aspirations, All in Time… Holding on to Something, Holding onto Nothing, All in Mind…All the ones I’ve loved and all the things I live for, Sun to Shine.” Shimmering electro-infused melodies and dreamy imagery engage and restore the soul, while an irresistible chorus speaks to the profound mystery of life and the beauty that can be found in the journey.

“Sun To Shine” is a song that took Jaffe years to perfect. “The song was conceived of as a spiritual journey song, relevant because I was physically on a journey of discovery at the time,” says Jaffe. “The song evolved over time… I wrote the chorus while on tour during a day off 10 years later in 2018 in Grass Valley.” Jaffe continues to share the sonic elements of the song and the collaboration that took place to bring this track to completion. “Dave Stringer helped with a few words in the studio and the song finally locked altogether. The song is built off a guitar riff that you can hear at the beginning and end, initially, the song was an acoustic song played with the harmonics on the guitar. It had a very soft and gentle sound,” says Jaffe. “Some of that gentleness has been preserved in the verses and the producer DJ Taz did an incredible job of creating the perfect dynamics, representing the journey that the song is alluding to.”

Cover art for “Sun To Shine” by Joss Jaffe

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