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That Brunette Writes a New Kind of Love Song with “Platonic”



Fresh off the release of her Millennium Fig EP, queer artist That Brunette (aka Madeline Mondrala) has released her newest single “Platonic.” Premiering on Audiofemme, “Platonic” presents itself as an upbeat, lighthearted take on love and friendship, showcasing That Brunette’s commercial appeal in the pop music industry as she blends unapologetically authentic lyrics with electro-pop melodies and rhythms that are undeniably catchy.

“This song is an ode to platonic love. That love that you fall into when you meet a new friend who you know is going to be a part of your life forever, where you can’t get enough of this new person’s mind and the way you two see eye to eye so effortlessly,” says Mondrala. “That love you feel when you can’t believe there was a point in time before you knew them and you can’t imagine your world without them. Then, just as soon as your story begins, life pulls you apart again. They go elsewhere and you’re left back where you began, but with this beautiful impression they made on you, grateful that your paths crossed at all. They opened a door in you. They validated a part of you. They saw you as brand new. Gotta love that perfect platonic love.”

“Platonic” follows in the vein of her recent hit “Coolest Girl” as an ethereal pop sound shining through danceable production and showcasing her bright vocals throughout. Her lyrics are infused with her signature wittiness, while still being emotional and honest as she sings about an intimacy that can only come from a perfectly platonic love affair. Known as “Brooklyn’s queer pop goddess” (Audiofemme), That Brunette is also releasing an exclusive merch launch with the new single, with 100% of the proceeds during the month of December directly benefitting the pockets of Black Drag Artists in her community of Brooklyn. “I want to put the money made from these shirts into the hands of Black Drag Queens who’s artistry has supported me in too many ways to count. I’m honored to support them in return.”

Cover art for “Platonic” by That Brunette.

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