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WA Wa Punx Pick Eleven Video Games Their Members Don’t Suck At

Danny may suck at video games but WA Wa Punx don’t as they take us on a trip through some of their favourite retro games.



We’re not sure who “Danny” is but, according to WA Wa Punx’s new single, he sucks at video games. For all the geeks, freaks, and video sheiks out there, the duo has put out a suitably retro video for the single which drops on November 2nd so, ahead of its release, we got Dylan Rippon and Cory Jarnagin to prove how they don’t suck at video games by talking us through some of their favourites.

“Danny Sucks At Video Games” is released on November 2nd on Hero Rhymes With Zero.

1. Mario Cart 8

Cory: “This light-hearted racing game is my favorite in the genre. The upgrades in 8 took the franchise to another level.”

2. Donkey Kong

Dylan: “Nintendo Game & Watch. The first ‘video game’ I ever played. I also had Oil Panic, Donkey Kong Jr and Octopus but Donkey Kong was the best. Every computer game I’ve ever owned ends up in the trash but I’ve still got these and they still work!”

3. Madden Football

Cory: “Don’t care which year, as long as I can play as the Seahawks, preferably with Marshawn Lynch in the backfield.”

4. Pac-Man

Dylan: “This was the game of my childhood. I went to an American School in the Middle East. Everyone played this game. Everyone.”

5. Half-Life 2

Cory: “The long-awaited sequel to the original is probably the most innovative FPS ever. Great visuals, solid story, and great characters.”

6. Blue Max and The Staff of Karnath

Dylan: “Commodore 64 games. I can remember thinking the graphics for Blue Max were really advanced, something about the way it scrolled at an angle made it more immersive. The Staff of Karnath was ace too – I could get lost in that game. It was like Dungeons and Dragons without the boredom and arguments.”

7. Assassins Creed

Cory: Black Flag, in my opinion, this was peak AC. The gameplay reminded me a lot of Sid Meyer’s Pirates, an amazing old school title, but with shanties and better ship to ship combat.”

8. Medal of Honor:Frontline

Dylan: “I was given a PS2 as a gift in the early noughties and couldn’t believe how much games had changed. This is the only game where I completed all the missions.”

9. Lego Star Wars

Cory: “Two great things that go great together. No arguing these were fun games and playing as Luke from Jedi was pretty much the best thing ever.”

10. Assetto Corsa

Dylan: “My friend Mike runs VRX1 in Den Haag. The simulators are mind-blowing. And face blowing too because there are fans that blow cold air at you while you’re racing. You can wear Oculus Rift but that makes me feel really weird. It’s the ultimate in video games blurring the boundaries with real life. Truly epic.”

11. Day of Defeat Source.

Cory: “WW2 capture the flag FPS was built on the HL2 engine. This one holds a special place for me because I got to see the project develop from start to finish. From the first internal play tests I was hooked. The slow speed of the weapons and the size of the maps made combat much more frantic than Counter Strike.”

Artwork for ‘Danny Sucks at Video Games’ by WA Wa Punx

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