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Stereo Six: 11Dead’s Si Picks Six Tracks That Make Him Feel ‘Alive’

From grunge favourites to industrial bangers, Si from UK rockers 11Dead picks six tracks that have inspired their sound.



Brit dark rock outfit 11Dead have just revealed an immersive new single and video, “Alive”. With a range of influences spanning from dark rock to alternative to metal, Si from the band picked out six killer cuts that have helped shape their sound.

Without further ado, here are six banging tunes that make 11Dead feel “Alive”!

1. Nirvana – “Something In the Way” (taken from Nevermind, DGC Records, September 1991)

“When writing one of my tracks , it occurred to me that the tone of the verse melody had similarities to this Nirvana track. Whether subconsciously or inadvertently it probably had some influence.”

2. Five Finger Death Punch – “Cold” (taken from The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Prospect Park, August 2013)

“As with the previous track but this time for the dynamics. The vocal and piano run through until the guitar kicks for the second verse. Again not knowingly deliberate but surely an influence.”

3. Five Finger Death Punch – “Coming Down” (taken from Got Your Six, Prospect Park, September 2015)

“This influence was the introduction of the second guitar at the beginning of the second verse. I remember wanting to add a second guitar to fatten up the sound and loved how it was done on this track.”

4. Stone Sour – “Absolute Zero” (taken from House of Gold & Bones, Pt. 1, Roadrunner Records, April 2013)

“This was for the arrangement. Although not exactly the template was similar. I remember reading advise on songwriting saying copying a template can lighten your load. Good advice.”

Artwork for the albums in 11Dead’s list in this Stereo Six

5. Rammstein – “Ich Will” (taken from Mutter, Universal Music, April 2001)

“The punchy tone of the intro riff as with many of their riffs Is probably inspirational to most involved in metal and I’m no exception. Teamed with a synth it’s a sound I absolutely love.”

6. System of a Down – “Aerials” (taken from Toxicity, American Recordings, September 2001)

“Although left until last, there wouldn’t be an 11DEAD without this band. For me they epitomise inspiration and this track in particular has lent itself to my playing on more than one occasion.”

You can pick up 11Dead’s new single “Alive” from here.

Artwork for ‘Alive’ by 11Dead

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