We found a cool Christmas gift for anyone who has ever dreamed of growling, screaming or shouting like their extreme metal heroes…

Britta Görtz (Critical Mess, Hiraes, Chaos Rising) has unveiled ROOOAARR, the calendar for metal vocalists. Illustrated by Brazilian artist Allan Ruy, this calendar has vocal tips, exercises and inspiration for each week of 2021. Ideal for metal, many of the tips also apply to other musical genres. Topics give you a new incentive to work on each week, including lyrics, mental focus and confidence, breathing and theory.

And there’s more… Britta is also offering vouchers for online vocal lessons. With gigs and touring on hiatus, this is a unique opportunity to receive personal tuition from one of the biggest names in metal. Check out Britta’s latest performance with Chaos Rising to find out why she’s the best:

Head over to the online store and order your copy, shipping worldwide!