Vancouver-based The Noodle Boys dish up some dazzling indie rock with surfy tinges and mellow dynamics, all topped up with dual vocal/rhythm work courtesy of Brett Frigon. Joining Brett, Chad Neald, Juliano Bossio, and Bradley Long round out the lineup with smooth flair and delicate balance. Their 2020 EP, The Second Servingis a three-track exploration of what these boys have to offer, solidified and neatly packaged in the relaxed, beachy vibes of “The Walk.”

According to Chad: “‘The Walk’ has been a song in our repertoire since the day I joined the band about one year ago. The funny thing is it originally only had an instrumental chorus until we played in a battle of the bands competition in Vancouver. In the finals of that competition, one of the judges remarked that we didn’t have enough catchy choruses to some of our songs. So one week before we went into the studio to record the track, we took that comment to heart and sat down to write what is now the centerpiece of the song.

‘The walk, the walk, where the young will become the old.’”

Now available as a free song download, “The Walk” surges personality; from the uber-clean guitar licks to the half-barked vocal delivery, this is a statement song. What that statement is exactly, is up to the listener. But a few things are for sure: The Noodle Boys know who they are, they sound effortlessly comfortable in their own skin, and they can paint a helluva sonic landscape. September’s almost gone, so give The Noodle Boys a spin and recapture some of that warm-sun, cool-breeze, Pacific Northwest summer magic.

Artwork for “The Walk” by The Noodle Boys