Set your axon terminals to high velocity and introduce yourself to the classic LA punk of Spider. The synapse-snapping, Long Beach quartet brings elements of traditional hardcore to their careening punk sound expertly topped off with sardonic vocals. Their newest release, consisting of two originals and a Black Flag cover, is the three-song Energy Gone Wrong EP from August 2019, which recently got the fresh addition of a new video for its title track.

But Spider isn’t stopping there. They are also now offering the “Energy Gone Wrong” track as a free song download. The tune kicks into gear with the requisite punk-rock-pick-scrape before it hops and thrashes its way through breakneck drum fills, anthemic vocals, and mammoth chunks of power chords. It’s punk for the punk rock purist, and it’s certain to ignite some more-than-justified social angst.

On “Energy Gone Wrong,” Spider vocalist Hector Martinez expounds: “It’s an existential, bootstrapping, introspective memoir; a vignette wrapped in metaphors. The story captures snapshots of the fury of life set to a visceral rock-and-rollercoaster backdrop of buzzing electric guitars and primal, alchemy-seeking drums. There’s something for everyone here. The more you listen, the more layers you’ll find.”

Well, that sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Artwork for ‘Energy Gone Wrong EP’ by Spider