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Perdition Temple – ‘Sacraments of Descension’ [Album Review]



The thing I loved about Angelcorpse, and now Perdition Temple, is consistency. Not to mention you always get your bang for your buck. No need for a receipt: no bullshit, just straight forward, in-your-face, blackened death metal. There’s no guessing game of what avenue the band might turn or venture down; It’s always precise pedal-to-the-metal, balls-to-the-wall, intensity. Clocking in at thirty-two minutes and seventy-nine seconds, Sacraments of Descension gives Slayer’s Reign in Blood a run for its money in how much gun powder you can shove into a single shotgun shell. But I digress…

I was hanging out backstage with a prestigious Chicago death metal aficionado discussing music. I brought up a band I knew he hated, and I still love to this day, but he mentioned Angelcorpse, and that squashed our deliberation. I fully fell in love with Angelcorpse. Somewhere along the line, founding members Peter Helmkamp and guitarist Gene Palubicki parted ways. I don’t know the story, and at this point it’s irrelevant. So why am I talking about it? Because, although it began as a sideband, Perdition Temple is now the backbone of what was once Angelcorpse.

God, I love the speed, ferocity, and insanity of the music. It’s almost like a freight train coming and you’re waiting for it to derail, but, even if you put a quarter on the tracks, it never does. Sacraments of Descension, written solely by Palubiicki, is like Morbid Angel on crack and Tide pods before Morbid Angel sucked. The guy is a riff conductor on the highway to hell, living life in the fast lane. Eight ripping-ass tracks of maniacal madness unhinged at every level of consciousness. This album will hit you with a fervour that never looks back, leaving you as yet another dead train-bum ripped and torn into shreds on the crossroads of metal and mayhem.

There are moments where I believe the leagues of death metal have crossed too many boundaries, but I’m an old spirit that doesn’t like change or morphed sub-genres. I have no idea where ‘we the people’ are headed, but 2020 has started as a shit show. Thankfully, albums like Sacraments of Descension makes one want to run independently and skate on banana peels, stealing toilet paper in the great skate-bowls of life, ollieing over the railroad crossing that blatantly states “Do Not Enter or Cross Tracks.”

Sacraments of Descension Track Listing:

1. Nemesis Obsecration
2. Desolation Usurper
3. Eternal Mountain
4. Devil’s Countess
5. Crypts of Massacre
6. Carnal Harvest
7. Red Reaping
8. Antichrist

Run Time: 32:79
Release Date: March 27, 2020
Record Label: Hells Headbangers

I was born in the late 60's amongst hippies and bikers. Cut my teeth on 70's rock and roll surrounded by motorheads and potheads, and in the 80's spread my wings and flourished as a guitarist. In the 90's I became a semi-professional musician knocking on death metals door, as well as entering the world as a freelance writer. In the 2000's I moved to Hollywood and watched the music industry crumble in front of my dreams and then took a break. Now, in the early 2020s I'm ready to rock again… or swing, blues, bluegrass, country, jazz, classical, etc. Its not so much a job to me anymore, but a great way to express myself and have a good time, and, "I know, its only rock and roll but I like it".