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Stereo Six: Norwegian Garage Punks THE MODERN TIMES Pick Six Albums That Defined Their Sound

Creating a sound that sits between Gang Of Four and Parquet Court, Norwegian band The Modern Times talk us through some of the albums that inspired their new album Algorythmic Dance Music.



The Modern Times are Norwegian garage-rock meets indie-punk creating a sound that sits somewhere between Gang of Four and Parquet Court. The band have just dropped their new album, Algorythmic Dance Music, so we spoke to them to find out which albums inspired their sound.

Before you check out The Modern Times choices, check out their video for “Am I Losing Touch”:

1. Various Artists – “Guitar Hero III Soundtrack”
– Before Jon picked up the guitar he rocked the plastic guitar. Playing sold out shows all over the virtual world shredding songs like “Welcome to the Jungle” and “Through the Fire and the Flames”, and even beating Slash in a guitar battle.

2. OMNI – “Multi-task”
OMNI is one of our new favourites. “Multi-task” really is a great album. We saw them at a small club called Revolver in Oslo after we played Øya Festival a couple of years ago, and it’s one of the best concerts we’ve seen live.

3. Television – “Marque Moon”
– This has to be one of the best records ever made. The sound is so perfect, especially the guitars. One of the most underrated albums out there? Of course, it’s critically acclaimed, but in our opinion haven’t gotten the credit it deserves. We listen a lot to this record in the car while we’re on tour. Got to see them live also in our hometown a couple of years ago, and cross off one of the great on the bucket list.

4. Talking Heads – “Remain In Light”
– Funky, punky, weird, catchy and at times even funny. A 40 minute masterpiece. I would’ve loved to be a fly on the wall during the recording sessions. I hope they go really broke soon and give us the reunion we need. It may be the cure for cancer.

5. Röyksopp – “Melody A.M”
– When it came out, we had never heard anything like it before. A really fresh, organic sound. Easy-listening music which you can hear they have put loads of time and effort in “getting just right”.

6. The White Stripes – “Elephant”
– One of the big rock sensations. A real, rough, unpolished rock and roll album. This album proved a lot, being as simple as it is but still massive. We guess all you need is a drummer and a guitarist? This album needed to be on this list.

The Modern Times’ album, Algorhythmic Dance Music, is out now on Black Pop Records. Pick up your copy from here.