2018 has been a pretty decent year for Canterbury rockers Broken Hands. Having announced a deal with Atlantic Records and dropped a couple of new tracks in the last few weeks, the band head into the final month of the year with a few quick dates around the UK. Ahead of the dates, we spoke to the band about the past twelve months and, more importantly, the year ahead.

So, we’re heading into the end of the year, how would you sum up 2018 for Broken Hands?
Broken Hands – Hunger…. we’ve been in the studio most of the year and as we build up to the new material coming out our hunger to play has hit the roof.

You announced a deal with Atlantic Records back in October, how does that changes things for the band in terms of what your plans in 2019?
Broken Hands – Well we have been signed by the American side of the label, so I think there will be longer stints in the US on this campaign. With that being said we want to re-engage everyone who’s supported us here, so the start of the year we will be in Blighty….

You’ve released two new tracks already, any plans for new music in 2019?
Broken Hands – We have a lot planned. I think there will be a new single in spring and we’ve got a special release for record store day planned.

Here’s one of those new Broken Hands songs “Friends House”:

You finish off 2018 with a few shows, what can we expect from the shows?
Broken Hands – You can expect the show to be very Bright… we always try to put on a show that helps people escape the everyday, so using visuals and lights is one of our main weapons.

It’s been three years since your full length debut came out, how do you think you’ve changed as a band in those three years?
Broken Hands – Personally I feel we have changed a lot. We lived together in the same house for 4 years, making us essentially family, and that has come to an end. But like any family we have had chaos, fights, fun, laughs and even a holiday which is a first for us haha. Musically, we are continually evolving. Only time will tell.

What were your goals back then?
Broken Hands – Back then we just wanted to travel and, in a way, escape everyday life. That’s what the first record was about really, and we managed to do a lot of travelling and escaping off of the back of that album.

Like we said 2018 is coming to an end, what have been the highlights for you?
Broken Hands – As ridiculous as it sounds playing our first show after a 18 month break. It was a great feeling that we had missed. Playing that show with Band of Skull, who are also our mates, was a perfect re-entry.

What about the low-points?
Broken Hands – Over a couple of years there are always going to be lows. Some relationships change or end, deaths… but that’s life. I had an operation on my hearing, which actually ended up being a good thing… it forced me a to take a break from all the volume that comes from being in a band and re-evaluate.

Other than your own band/music, who has impressed you in 2018?
Broken Hands – Ghost are a big tour van favourite for us and their new record is a return to form that we’ve loved.

Finally, into the new year, what can the world expect from Broken Hands?
Broken Hands – Strobes.

Tour Dates:

12/01 – Glasgow – The Garage Attic Bar
12/02 – Birmingham – Hare & Hounds
12/03 – Salford – The Eagle
12/06 – London – Boston Music Room

And here’s another one in the form of “Split In Two”:


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