Series Overview:
Red Run Art Series (No Blackout Dates) is a mixed-media series by artist Damon Kardon created to celebrate the traveling circus that is the music tour. He has various bands and solo artists whose music and words have influenced him and his art over the years. He set out to encapsulate in these works everything that a band or artist puts forth with a new album and accompanying tour. What better way to convey the creativity and excitement of travel than in a postage stamp representing this new voyage?

“Red Run” is a postage term describing an assignment to handle registered mail and “Blackout Dates” a travel term meaning no time off from travel. These terms represent to Damon, a clear vision each band or artist delivers in their new album and then expresses 24/7 in their subsequent tour. Each piece he creates starts with a painted portrait of the band or artist. He then incorporates colors and elements of their new album into the background. Next, he takes that image of the finished painting and digitally alters and adds text through Photoshop.

The text seen on each postage stamp design incorporates new song and album titles as well as the names and dates of the tour. Each completed stamp design is a mixed-media collage representing the artist/band and their music. You shall see a new finished piece featured every week for the entire run of the series. Through their boundless creativity and determination, these artists/bands have put their musical stamp on the world.

Road-Ready Listening:
– Be sure to enhance your viewing/reading experience by streaming The Fever 333’s latest EP offering, Made An America, released on March 23, 2018 via Roadrunner Records.

About the Painting:
– I recently discovered The Fever 333 directly from the PureGrainAudio website, one of many bands I have learned about from our own site. This new band (or I should call them supergroup from the talent/history each member has brought) blew me away with their ferocity, their timely message and their fluent mix of so many styles. On songs like “We’re Coming In” and “Walking in My Shoes”, I hear the best of rap/hip-hop, metal, hardcore and even house/electronic all interwoven. Their messages of equality and the fight against bigotry and gun violence are more important than ever, especially in the music of today. I can’t wait to see them live! For now, I’ll settle on painting their portrait. – Damon Kardon

Package #13: “Made An America”:
– Check out Damon’s creative process by scrolling through the photos below.

Tour Dates:

06/01 – Fresno, CA – Fulton 55
08/25 – Brooklyn, NY – Afropunk Festival 2018-Commodore Barry Park
08/26 – Brooklyn, NY – Afropunk Festival 2018-Commodore Barry Park
10/06 – Camden, NJ – Rock Allegiance Festival 2018- BB&T Pavilion
10/13 – Sacramento, CA – Monster Energy’s Aftershock 2018- Discovery Park
10/14 – Sacramento, CA – Monster Energy’s Aftershock 2018- Discovery Park

The Fever 333’s cover artwork for Made An America:

The Series & Future Artwork:
– Coming up in Package #14… Pearl Jam
– Previously in Package #12… Slayer
– Previously in Package #11… MGMT
– Previously in Package #10… A Perfect Circle
– Previously in Package #9… Sheer Mag
– Previously in Package #8… Ministry
– Previously in Package #7… Judas Priest
– Previously in Package #6… Arch Enemy
– Previously in Package #5… Run The Jewels
– Previously in Package #4… Corrosion of Conformity
– Previously in Package #3… alt-J
– Previously in Package #2… G-Eazy
– Previously in Package #1… Killswitch Engage