There has been a SOLD OUT sign against this one for a while now and, even though The Wardrobe, a venue on the back streets of Leeds city centre only holds a mere 450 people, this fact alone shows that industry talk of female singer Mabel being the next breakthrough artist, is more than just hot air.

Having recently been out touring the arenas of the UK, it would appear that gigs in venues like this are soon going to be a rarity for Mabel and, as she struts about on the stage, oozing attitude, it’s very clear that the singer is supremely confident in her ability. Having said that, when your mother is music legend Neneh Cherry then you really do have to be good if you’re going to follow in her footsteps. Not that there is any similarity between the two but, as soon as Mabel opens her mouth and starts to sing, there can be no doubt that she has inherited her mother’s ability.

With her recent singles bothering the upper regions of the music charts here in the UK, this packed venue (made up mainly of young females) sings back every word to tracks like “Bedroom”, “Fine Line” and “Finders Keepers” and you soon realise that, as you look around the venue, you’re in the company of a singer who has the kind of star quality that will take her right to the top.


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