After a lengthy six years since the release of their last full-length masterpiece, Out To Die, Aura Noir have presented the first single “Dark Lung of the Storm” from the new record Aura Noire. This is a band geared towards connoisseurs of thrash, also with active minds and a mean spirit. For many years now, Aura Noir has stood at the forefront of metal’s definitive genre in a time when the metal underground is absolutely drenched with bands and imitators. Each new release makes this Norwegian threesome stand out even more amongst their peers, which is no easy feat, especially after forming all the way back in 1994 at a time when many of their competitors were infants.

Aura Noire features no gimicky production, no overdubs and especially no embellishments. If you were to compare them to their peers, you may say they combine the might of Venom and the versatility of Voivod with the majesty of none other than themselves.

Commenting on the new single, “Dark Lung of the Storm,” the band said, “‘Dark Lung of the Storm’ is the opener on the album. The first sequence of riffs has this come-back vibe to it, though we haven’t come back, we’ve been here all the time.”

Aura Noire will be released on April 27th!