Bruh… Winds of Plague is back. Whuuuuuuut?? To this day, Decimate The Weak is one of my fav. albums of all time. I had my fingers crossed that their new album Blood of My Enemy would bring the best that WOP has to offer, and they did not disappoint.

I’m not that big on symphonic metal, usually because it tends to feel dated, BUT Winds of Plague just does it better. I almost don’t want to call it symphonic. It’s more, cinematic. The gang vocals in jams like “From Failure, Comes Clarity” feel like you’re about to go cut some Orcs and dice up some goblins, and the intro to “Dark Waters” places you on a smoldering battle field in ancient East Asia. Wait for the riffs ‘cause when the deathcore hits, the rhythms BOUUUUUUNCE!

Do you like goosebumps? “Never Alone” features hauntingly beautiful orchestration by George Christie. It beings with a solo female operatic vocal that dives into some riffs and royal brass. It’s what I would imagine death lingering on a 3rd floor veranda ledge overlooking a court yard would sound like. If you let the mood sink in, as the song’s tension rises, you’ll feel your arms becoming more vascular. Oooof. Cold sweats.

The record also has the signature Winds of Plague hardcore feel. You’ll feel the spirit of the two step overcome you on both “Either Way You Lose” and “A Walk Among The Dead.” Better bring out the checkered Vans.

Warning: Johnny Plague’s voice is massive. So, be careful trying to scream along with him. You’ll likely blow a hole in your throat.

Blood of My Enemy Track Listing:

01. A New Day
02. Nameless Walker
03. Kings Of Carnage
04. Soul Eater
05. From Failure, Comes Clarity
06. Blood Of My Enemy
07. Snakeskin
08. Never Alone
09. 5150
10. Either Way You Lose
11. A Walk Among The Dead
12. Dark Waters

Run Time: 39:18
Release Date: October 27, 2017

The band’s new music video heralds the return of the “Kings Of Carnage”.